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On March 30, chairman Lin Yunsong of Shangceng decoration, a leading domestic decoration enterprise, and his delegation visited Tucson headquarters for exchange. Through cooperation with Tucson, we can achieve a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership and jointly improve the high-end quality of life for customers in the field of home decoration

accompanied by the company's leaders, Mr. Lin and his delegation visited the production workshop in Tucson. From the material preparation and assembly workshop to the paint workshop, from the introduction of the product process structure and process to the use of workshop equipment, Mr. Lin and his party can better understand the production process of Tucson and lay the foundation for in-depth strategic cooperation in the future

after visiting the production workshop, a symposium was held to mainly discuss the cooperation between Shangceng decoration and Tucson and the development of the exchange industry. Shangceng decoration, with its excellent corporate philosophy and professionalism, is willing to form a senior strategic partnership with Tucson in the spirit of "mutual benefit, mutual benefit, stability, permanence and high quality"

both parties believe that through strategic cooperation, they can help both parties further improve the overall operation efficiency, realize the company's development strategy, and provide Tucson customers with more high-end quality services

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