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In the peak season of home decoration, people who have experienced home decoration mostly pay attention to the lighting effect, beauty and energy conservation in the selection of lamps, while ignoring the problems of lighting methods and the health brought by lamps. So, what principles should be grasped in the design and purchase of lamps and lanterns? Lights also exist

in the peak season of home decoration, people who have experienced home decoration mostly pay attention to lighting effect, beauty and energy conservation in the selection of lamps, while ignoring the problems of lighting mode and health brought by lamps

then, what principles should be grasped in the design and purchase of lamps and lanterns

lighting also has health problems

the core of whether lighting is used well at home is a "light health" problem. Relevant experts believe that the so-called "light health" includes two aspects: one is that lighting must meet the functional requirements of the place, that is, whether the light is bright or beautiful; Second, lighting must meet people's psychological requirements, such as the impact of color temperature and brightness on people's emotions, and the harmony between light and shadow. Relevant experts pointed out that unreasonable lighting tools and inappropriate lighting methods will have a great impact on health. Research shows that bright light can change the internal clock of the brain and control sleep. However, working under the light for a long time will reduce the absorption of calcium by the human body; Strong light waves will also increase abnormal cells and kill normal cells

in terms of meeting functional requirements, the quality of light source has a great impact on lighting. High quality light sources can achieve the same effect as sunlight, while poor quality light sources will not only distort the visual effect, but also easily fatigue the eyes after being exposed to poor quality light sources for a long time. If the brightness of lights is uneven, such as the brightness of windows or other areas is much higher than the indoor brightness, people will feel glare, make people very uncomfortable, and seriously damage the visual function

carry out correct lighting design

how to correctly carry out indoor lighting color design has gradually become another major thing that people consider when decorating houses. Interior decoration design experts pointed out that in home decoration, lighting design should not dazzle people and the contrast is too large. Of course, the first thing in lighting design is health, the second is coordination, and the last is function

color has a great impact on people's psychology and physiology. For example, blue can slow down the heart rhythm, regulate balance, and eliminate tension; Beige, light blue and light gray are conducive to quiet rest and sleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue; Red, orange and yellow can make people excited and inspire their spirit; White can reduce blood pressure and calm patients with hypertension; Red makes people's blood pressure rise and their breathing speed up

choose lamps according to the size and function of the room


for the bedroom with relatively low height, it is recommended to choose ceiling lamps. Strong lights and colors should not be used. The lights should be soft, quiet and dark, and strong contrast between colors should be avoided. Red and green collocation should be avoided by all means. You can also choose wall lamp and floor lamp to replace the ceiling lamp in the center of the room. Wall lamps should be covered with diffuse materials with low surface brightness, which is more conducive to rest. If you have the habit of reading in bed, a dimming table lamp can be placed at the head of the bed, and energy-saving lamps or cold light halogen lamps can be installed to avoid eye fatigue


the lighting of yellow light is more suitable to be placed in the study. Yellow light can create a broad feeling, stimulate spirit, improve learning efficiency, and help eliminate and reduce eye fatigue. If it is a lamp on the desk, it should be of the open lower type with a reflector. Incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps are commonly used as table lamp sources

living room

the living room is a public area, so it needs to set off a friendly and cordial atmosphere, and rich lighting design can be adopted. The color has layers and artistic conception. When listening to music and watching TV, floor lamps and desk lamps can be used for local lighting

dining room

the lighting of the dining room should focus on the dining table. The light source should adopt the warm tone chandelier with downward direct illumination and light distribution. It is better that the lamp can rise and fall freely. You can use more yellow and orange lights, because yellow and orange can stimulate appetite


kitchen lamps should be mainly functional, and the color rendering of light sources should be good. The lighting design should be bright and practical as far as possible, but the color should not be too complex. Some concealed fluorescent lamps can be selected to provide lighting for the countertop of the kitchen. In addition, kitchen lamps should be installed in places that can avoid steam and smoke


the lighting design should be warm and soft, setting off a romantic mood

buying high-quality lamps has tricks

a good lamp is not only durable, but also in line with relevant national standards in terms of environmental protection, which can make consumers feel at ease. How can we choose qualified lamps? Experts suggest that there are three ways for consumers to use, "find", "see" and "know"

the first trick to choose a lamp: "find"

is to go to a reputable building materials store or supermarket and buy products with formal packaging. Such products have invoices and should be allowed to be guaranteed within one year

the second trick to choose a light: "look"

is to identify the light color, turn the light on and close it with your palm (the energy-saving light is not hot). If the palm is still the original ruddy color, it is a qualified light, and if the palm becomes green and gray, it is an unqualified light. Good lamps and lanterns not only save energy, but also have healthy light color, are comfortable, and can protect eyesight. And the inferior lamp looks like a layer of fog at night

the third trick of choosing lamps: "recognition"

is to identify the brand. Many formal lamp manufacturers in China have obtained the qualification of exemption from inspection, and their production capacity and level have been recognized. With high product reputation and guaranteed quality, they can buy at ease




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