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The motion control and servo system of the friends salon will be held soon

the price increase in some areas of China industrial control has always been its responsibility to serve the industry and build an exchange platform. The success of the salon activities in March, April, may and June has made a good start for the plan of continuing the activities; When the financial crisis spread, it also brought coolness to industrial control enthusiasts and industry friends

at the request of many friends, China industrial control will organize lecturers, experts and industry friends to hold a technical salon on July 19. In this exchange meeting, we invite liuzuochun, the Shenzhen principal of lust drive systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and linguojin, the manager of Shenzhen time Electromechanical Technology Department, to talk about the application technology of motion control and servo system with you and answer questions for the audience on the spot. Welcome to join us

theme of this issue: motion control and servo system

· development history of motion control and servo system Status and trends

· industry application of motion control and servo system (explained through cases)

salon agenda:

· keynote speech (about 30 minutes)

· self introduction by friends (about 20 minutes)

· technical Q & A and discussion (about 70 minutes)

number of participants: limited to 40 people

expected results:

· listening to lectures, learning new knowledge

· face to face communication with senior experts in the industry, Ask questions and answer questions with an inkjet head that will eventually heat up

· get to know good teachers and friends, extend contacts, and expand your circle

· draw lucky visitors with business cards and there will be special prizes

please register in advance if you need to attend. Therefore teacher1

registration consultation:

Shenzhen friends salon activity group:

note: in order to facilitate peer exchanges, please bring your business cards to the conference; Please bring your own pen and paper

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