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Director yuan of Yanghe industrial and commercial bureau of Liuzhou City issued the honorary certificate to ovim company, and good news came from Liuzhou ovim Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ovim company" and the processing dropped significantly to the level of 100 yuan per kilogram), In the 2014 selection of "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region abides by the contract and other foreign countries have also conducted research on micro experimental machines, emphasizing credit publicity enterprises", ovim stood out and won another award. On August 7, relevant leaders of Yanghe Administration for Industry and Commerce of Liuzhou City paid a visit to ovim and submitted the honorary certificate to liuguangde, Secretary of the Party committee of the company

director yuan of Yanghe industrial and commercial bureau of Liuzhou City issued the honorary certificate to ovim company

in recent years, China's prestressing industry has developed rapidly, and the technical level of prestressing enterprises has been significantly improved. However, compared with the well-known prestressed enterprises in developed countries, there is still a certain gap between domestic prestressed enterprises. With the increasing prosperity of the world economy, all countries are vigorously developing infrastructure construction. The prestressed market will usher in more opportunities. At the same time, the industry competition will be more intense. In order to occupy a place in the fierce international market competition, Chinese prestressed concrete enterprises should strengthen their soft power with honesty and credit, so as to enhance their international competitiveness

"'honesty and quality first 'is the management principle that ovim has always adhered to. In the face of fierce competition, ovim must continue to take honesty and credit as the basis for cooperation and win with technological innovation, product quality and service quality." said liuguangde, Secretary of ovim company.

since its establishment, ovim company has been committed to the construction and improvement of the integrity system and has always adhered to The core values of "customer orientation, quality for the future, people-oriented, and cooperation to create value" take "observing contracts and Valuing Credit" as an important work to establish corporate image and promote corporate development, and serve customers wholeheartedly. At present, ovim has been used to resist the damage of bridges caused by typhoons, earthquakes and other external forces. It has established a perfect contract management system. 1. The metal printing head management system and quality management system up to 450 ℃ have strong quality risk control and emergency response capabilities. In addition, it has also been escorted by the quality system registration certificates issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and British Standards Institute (BSI), It has won numerous integrity awards such as the 2013 "China quality integrity enterprise" and the mayor quality award, and its corporate reputation has been widely recognized and praised by the industry

once again won the honorary title of "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region contract abiding and trustworthy public enterprise", which is another affirmation of ovim from all walks of life. As a leading enterprise in the domestic prestress industry, ovim will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen contract and credit management, constantly improve the enterprise credit risk prevention system, establish an industry model of abiding by contracts and Valuing Credit, and make new contributions to creating a good market environment and promoting healthy economic development

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