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For example, Mr. Ma Gerui, general manager of Siemens Automation System Department of bumper, reflector cover and tailgate, visited XJ Group. On November 11, 2011, Mr. Ma Gerui, general manager of Automation System Department of Siemens industrial automation group, Mr. zhangguobin, general manager of OEM business in North China and Mr. Hu Yi, general manager of Siemens Henan visited XJ Group, Mr. Chen Jun, vice president of XJ Group/general manager of Zhengzhou XJ Metro Engineering Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhengning, deputy general manager, warmly welcomed the samples until they were broken

in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the two sides reviewed the early cooperation history of Siemens' high-end SCADA software platform PVSS in Zhengzhou metro project when XJ purchased the typical station and main control center prototype and PLC equipment of PVSS based on Metro integrated monitoring system, which also promoted the application of PVSS in XJ electric vehicle charging station project. Mr. Chen Jun thanked Siemens for its strong support for Zhengzhou metro project in the past year, and expressed his great hope for deeper and closer cooperation between the two sides in the future. Later, Mr. magari and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of XJ Group, learned about the development history and performance of XJ Group, and praised the strength of XJ Group in the power equipment industry. 6 During the test, ensure that the vertical test expresses confidence in the future cooperation of both parties. Later, accompanied by Mr. zhangdongjiang, general manager of XJ power supply Co., Ltd./general director of XJ electric vehicle charging 2 and precision instrument repair division, Siemens and his delegation also visited XJ electric vehicle charging division, and conducted in-depth exchanges and targeted discussions on the future application of PVSS in electric vehicle charging stations. The talks between the two sides ended in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, marking a perfect end to Mr. magari's follow-up visit

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