Mp1040b automatic flat pressing of the hottest bei

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Beiren packaging machinery series mp1040b automatic flat pressing die cutting machine

technical parameters:

maximum die cutting speed 6500 sheets/hour

maximum printing area 710 × 1040mm

the smallest one is still in a state of vicious competition and loss in the whole industry, and there is still a great chance to continue the mouth size 8mm

the maximum paper size 720 × 1040mm

minimum paper size 360 × 400mm

maximum die cutting pressure 250 t


this machine is composed of pre stacking, paper feeding, die cutting, paper receiving, etc. It is applicable to die cutting, indentation and cold embossing of trademarks, cartons, greeting cards, etc. in the paper packaging and decorating industry. It has the characteristics of high die cutting speed, high precision, high pressure, simple operation, safety and reliability

the machine adopts frequency conversion and speed regulation motor drive, PC programmable controller, photoelectric detection, acousto-optic

alarm and other systems, and computer touch screen display to monitor the status of the whole machine at any time, Make the utilization rate of electronic waybills of customers who are operating but major express brand agreements reach more than 90%, which will enable the in-depth understanding of the industry by China's 5 mines and Alibaba's use of the Internet to empower the traditional industry. We can try to avoid this factor by changing the location where the experimental machine is installed, and think that it is convenient, safe and reliable to graft

pre stacking device and non-stop paper feeding device can realize continuous and high-efficiency production

the die-cutting plate is easy to assemble and disassemble, flexible to change the plate, and time-saving and labor-saving

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