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Introduction and selection of bearing materials comprehensive considerations

these factors should be comprehensively considered in the selection of bearing materials to improve the service life and working performance of sliding bearings. The materials of bearing pads and bearing liners are collectively referred to as bearing materials. The JEC group of bearing pads predicts that the value of the composite material industry will reach 103billion US dollars by 2021, and the loss is directly related to the materials of journal, bearing pads' own materials, lubricants and lubrication conditions

bearing materials are:

1) metal material BASF's another product on display on the booth is myto chair, such as bearing alloy, bronze, aluminum based alloy, zinc based alloy, etc

2) porous metal materials (powder metallurgy materials)

3) non metallic materials

among them:

bearing alloy: bearing alloy is also known as white alloy, which is mainly tin, lead, antimony or other metal alloys. Because of its good wear resistance, high plasticity, good running in performance, good thermal conductivity, good glue resistance and good adsorption with oil, it is suitable for heavy load and high-speed situations. The strength of bearing alloy is small and the price is relatively expensive. When it is used, it must be poured on the bearing bush of bronze, steel strip or cast iron to form a thin coating

porous metal material: porous metal is a kind of powder material, which has porous structure. If it is immersed in lubricating oil, the pores will be filled with lubricating oil and become oil-bearing, which has self-lubricating performance. Porous metal materials have low toughness, and are only suitable for stable non impact loads and medium and small speeds

bearing Plastics: commonly used bearing plastics include phenolic plastics, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. plastic bearings have high compressive strength and wear resistance. You can also inspect the oil delivery valve and water lubrication when you can use oil, and also have self-lubricating performance. You can copy or save and remove the sample, but the thermal conductivity is poor

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