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Introduction to laser land leveling system

as early as the mid-1980s, agricultural laser land leveling system has been widely used in the United States, Canada and other developed countries and regions, and has also been applied in China in recent years. The system can be used to level the land for irrigation, reduce soil erosion and increase the land yield. The figure shows that the tractor traction planer grader carries out leveling operation under the control of laser. Combined with this figure, the agricultural laser leveling system is introduced as follows:

the agricultural laser land leveling system is mainly composed of laser transmitter, laser receiver, controller and hydraulic workstation. Its working principle is: the laser transmitter sends out a reference circular plane with a certain diameter (which can also provide a reference slope), and the receiver installed on the support rod of the scraper will control the hydraulic actuator after the collected signal is processed by the controller, and the hydraulic mechanism will control the up and down movement of the scraper as required to complete the land leveling operation

main working parts of the system

1, laser transmitter. It is used to emit laser and form laser plane. According to the land scale of our country, the emission range of domestic laser transmitters is generally about 1000 meters in diameter. Generally, the laser transmitter has the function of automatic safety. If it deviates due to vibration or collision during operation, it will automatically stop transmitting, give an alarm and automatically safety again. The laser transmitter can be installed in the center of the ground or at the corner of the ground

2. Laser receiver. It is used to receive laser signals, display signals, and transmit signals to the controller. Generally, the laser receiver is installed on the flat machine and connected with the controller through cable. The accuracy of the signal received by the receiver can be adjusted. For example, the accuracy control range of ls-b2 laser receiver is ± 3mm ~ ± 50mm

3. Laser controller. It is used to process the signal transmitted by the laser receiver and control the work of the hydraulic workstation, so that the working shovel of the grader can automatically track the laser plane for operation

the water-saving effect of laser leveling is outstanding.

a technology that can greatly improve the efficiency of farmland irrigation, land utilization, and increase production and efficiency is being promoted in the main production areas of the national agricultural reclamation system. This laser leveling technology can save 30% - 50% water and increase production by 20% - 30%. The author learned from the just concluded national agricultural reclamation system laser leveling technology training course that the water-saving effect of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps alone is equivalent to saving the perennial water storage of a Miyun reservoir

China is one of the 13 poorest water countries in the world, and agricultural water accounts for nearly 80% of the total water. At present, the levelness of farmland in China is poor, the efficiency of field irrigation is low, and the western region is even lower. The relevant report of the Ministry of science and technology shows that using laser leveling technology, the field irrigation efficiency can be increased from 40% - 50% before the transformation to 70% - 80%, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of agriculture in China

as an important measure to improve the quality of surface irrigation, laser leveling technology was first applied in the United States in the 1980s, and then spread all over the world. It is known as a breakthrough technology to improve surface irrigation. In 1996, the technology, as a key project of the Ninth Five Year Plan of the Ministry of science and technology, has passed the national acceptance

in view of the water-saving and yield increasing effect of this technology and the improvement of agricultural machinery operation efficiency, the agricultural reclamation system began to vigorously promote the technology of laser Pingjin medical treatment, which has factories in China. The results show that the land leveled by laser leveling technology can better solve the serious waste of water resources caused by flood irrigation under the traditional irrigation method. The irrigation efficiency can reach 80%, and the water saving can be 30% - 50%; The land utilization rate of paddy field was increased by 9%; Water resources have been fully utilized, the loss of soil and fertilizer has been reduced, and grain output has increased by 20% - 30%

according to the calculation of the agricultural reclamation system, using the laser leveling technology and calculating the water saving of 30% per mu, the rice and cotton crops in Heilongjiang reclamation area and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps alone can save 1.948 billion cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the perennial water storage of a Beijing Miyun reservoir, and can irrigate 4.32 million mu of rice or 6.49 million mu of cotton

laser controlled land leveling technology

laser controlled land leveling technology is a new land leveling technology combining high-tech laser control technology with conventional mechanical leveling technology. The national water-saving irrigation Beijing engineering technology research center introduced a complete set of foreign equipment in 1995, and carried out the field application experimental research of laser controlled land leveling technology for the first time in China

the traditional conventional land leveling equipment is mainly composed of bulldozer, scraper and scraper, and the land leveling condition generally depends on the construction accuracy of bulldozer and scraper. Because the hydraulic device of the bulldozer is manually controlled, the operator cannot accurately control the lifting height of the bulldozer during the leveling operation; The relative position between the blade edge of scraper and scraper and the equipment tire is fixed. During the construction of flat ground, the blade edge will be staggered up and down with the fluctuation of the ground. The effect of leveling and trimming the field surface is not ideal, and the accuracy of land leveling that can be achieved is limited. The laser controlled leveling technology uses the plane generated by the laser beam as a non visual control means to replace the operator's visual judgment ability to control the lifting height of the blade of the leveling machine. When the laser controls the operation on the flat ground, once the initial position of the cutting edge of the shoveling machine is determined according to the design elevation of the flat ground, no matter how the terrain of the field fluctuates, affected by the laser transmitting and receiving system, the controller will always maintain the distance between the shoveling cutting edge and the reference surface of the flat ground at a certain level through the hydraulic lifting system. After 2019, if the import volume of waste paper continues to decrease by a constant value, The direction of the land tearing cut should be leveled with the rolling direction 1, with high accuracy

the complete set of laser controlled leveling equipment is generally composed of four basic parts, namely, laser transmitting device, laser receiving device, controller and leveling equipment

The laser emitting device is a battery driven laser generator, which is often installed horizontally on a triangular support standing in the field. The laser beam generated by it is reflected by the high-speed rotating prism, and a laser plane is generated above the field surface as the reference plane for land leveling operation, replacing the leveling operation reference plane composed of discontinuous grid points obtained by using the ground elevation measurement in the conventional land leveling method. According to the needs, the laser emitting device can be divided into two types: single zero slope control (the flat reference plane is a horizontal plane) and arbitrary slope control (the flat reference plane is an inclined plane)

the laser receiving device is a signal receiver vertically installed on the mast of the ground shoveling equipment. During the leveling operation, the light beam from the laser transmitter is first detected by the receiver to determine the relative distance between the leveling reference plane and the central control point of the receiver at this time, and then an adjustment signal is sent to the controller to command the lifting and lowering of the shoveling equipment, so that the central control point of the receiver is located in the leveling reference plane

The function of the

controller is to automatically control the hydraulic system to continuously adjust the moving cutting edge of the flat ground shovel according to the adjustment information transmitted by the laser receiving device, so as to complete the field excavation and filling work. Due to the high self-control sensitivity of the laser controller, the leveling accuracy is high

the ground shovel equipment is composed of the hydraulic lifting system of the shovel tools. The power of the tractor as the traction power should match the shoveling capacity of the equipment to meet the working requirements of the hydraulic system for the frequent lifting and lowering of shoveling machines and tools

before using the laser leveling technology, first complete the field topographic survey with a level gauge according to the grid shape, and the grid spacing is generally 5 ~ 10 meters, so as to obtain the relative elevation of each measuring point in the field. Then according to the survey results, the flat design is carried out to determine the relative elevation of the flat design. The principle is to make the excavation volume and filling volume in the leveling operation basically equal by selecting the appropriate design elevation of the leveling

then install the laser transmitter at the appropriate position of the field to ensure that the plane of the emitted laser beam is higher than any obstacle in the field, so that the laser receiving device can always sense the beam from the transmitter. Then, according to the design elevation of the flat ground, determine the starting position point of the shoveling machine in the field. After landing the shoveling blade, adjust the height of the laser receiver installed on the equipment mast up and down. When the central control point of the receiver is located in the laser control reference plane, fix the position of the receiver. After the above preparations are made, starting from the starting point of the flat ground, the tractor hauls the shoveling equipment to and fro in the field, excavate high, fill low, transport earthwork, and automatically complete the land leveling work. After the leveling operation is completed, the ground shall be retested according to the same grid form to evaluate the effect of leveling

laser controlled land leveling technology and equipment

laser controlled land leveling technology is the most advanced land fine leveling technology in the world at present. It uses the laser beam plane to replace the visual inspection of human eyes in the conventional mechanical flat ground as the control benchmark, and uses the servo hydraulic system to operate the flat ground shoveling machines and tools to complete the land leveling operation

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