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Introduction to hs616e digital ultrasonic flaw detector

performance characteristics of hs616e digital ultrasonic flaw detector


full digital, true color display, background color and brightness value can be set freely according to the environment, leading domestic application technology

Digital shuttle knob, one key operation

spectrum analysis, high-speed FFT operation, measured probe frequency

high performance security lithium battery, module plug-in, one machine, two batteries and two charges, Lead the trend

transmit pulse

pulse intensity: select by stages, set 200V, 300V, 400V, and apply to a wide range of probes

pulse width: NS continuous adjustment, match the best sensitivity of different frequency probe flaw detection

impedance matching: 51, 150, 200, 400, meet the different working requirements of sensitivity and resolution

working mode: single crystal flaw detection, Double crystal flaw detection

scanning range

zero interface incidence ~ 14000mm (steel longitudinal wave), adjust proportionally and continuously in two modes

amplification reception

hardware real-time sampling: 150MHz, waveform high fidelity

detection mode: full detection, positive and negative detection, RF wave display

gate signal: single gate, double gates, full screen retrieval, peak reading in the gate

value-added/full-automatic gain: set 0.1dB, 2dB, 6dB step values, set the amplitude height value, full-automatic gain mode


in the gate, sound and light alarm in the curve and close

data storage

50 groups, quickly select the flaw detection parameter channel, adjust the combined parameters of various probes and instruments in advance, freely set the flaw detection standards of various industries, and facilitate the storage, recall, retest, printing Communication transmission

1000 flaw detection echo signals and data are stored in memory to realize computer management of storage, reading and browsing, single print, continuous print and communication transmission

parameter attachment: set flaw detection parameters in full Chinese, input real-time data, random storage, call, print, report communication

flaw detection function

wave crest memory: real-time retrieval of the highest wave of defects, calibration of the maximum value of defects

value calculation: straight probe forging flaw detection, locating the highest wave of defects, automatic conversion of the highest wave of defects

crack height measurement: locating the highest wave of defects, Real time diffraction height measurement

dynamic recording: detect real-time dynamic recording waveform, store and playback

defect location: actual displayed level value L, depth value H, sound path value s

defect quantification: actual displayed SL quantitative value

defect qualitative: judge through envelope waveform and manual experience

surface correction: surface workpiece flaw detection, correction curvature conversion

distance compensation: real-time compensation for long-distance flaw detection of thick workpiece, Avoid missed detection of small defects

seam sectioning form: describe the sound path process in real-time flaw detection to realize defect positioning

b-scan: real-time scan, describe the defect cross-section

real-time clock record

tracking record of real-time flaw detection date and time, and store the

control interface

high-speed USB and RS232 interfaces to provide transmission and printing

screen protection

when in standby, the screen can be closed to save power for the instrument, Reduce the switching times and prolong the service life

hs616e digital ultrasonic flaw detector technical parameters:

pulse intensity: 200V, 300V, 4 gears optional

pulse width total construction area of about 138000 square meters: NS continuously adjustable

impedance matching: 51, 150, 200, 400 gears optional

working mode: single crystal flaw detection Double crystal flaw detection

scanning range: Zero interface incidence ~ 14000mm steel longitudinal wave

sampling frequency/digit: 150mhz/8bits

detection mode can be adjusted by adjusting the gap between guide wheel and column: full detection, positive and negative detection RF wave display

working frequency: 0.5MHz ~ 20MHz (bandwidth options: 0.mhz, MHz, 10MHz, 2mhz-20mhz)

noise level of each frequency band: <15%

attenuator accuracy: <1db/12db

gain adjustment: 110dB (0.1dB, 2dB, 6dB step, fully automatic adjustment)

sound speed range: (100 ~ 20000) M/s

dynamic range: 30dB

vertical linear error: 3%

horizontal linear error: 0.1%

resolution:> 40dB (load sensor is not only important but also valuable 5n14)

sensitivity margin:> 62db (200mm deep 2 flat bottom hole)

Digital suppression: (0 ~ 80)%, does not affect linearity and gain

general parameters of hs616e digital ultrasonic flaw detector:

power supply and voltage: DC 7.2V 10%; AC 220V 10%

working time: continuous working for more than 5 hours (lithium battery power supply)

ambient temperature: (-10 ~ 40) ℃ (reference value)

relative humidity: (20 ~ 95)% RH

overall size: 215 x 165 x 45 (mm)

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