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Corrugated board flexographic printing ink introduction

flexographic printing ink is divided into three categories: Flexographic water-based ink (mainly used for paper 8. Overall dimension (mm) (length × wide × Height): 780 × five hundred × 1800 printing); Flexible alcohol soluble ink (mainly used for plastic printing); Flexible UV ink (universal ink). In China, water-based ink is mostly used for corrugated board printing (referring to the blockage of detours), which is because:

● the text and graphics of corrugated board are simple and do not need high gloss

● the surface paper of corrugated board has loose structure and strong ink absorption. It is printed with water-based ink, which is conducive to infiltration and drying

● water based ink is non-toxic, tasteless, non flammable, will not affect the quality of products, and is easy to use, safe and low cost

water based inks can be roughly divided into two categories: Rosin maleic acid modified resin series (low-grade); Acrylic resin series (high grade)

when choosing water-based inks for corrugated paper printing, the following two principles should be followed:

● due to the relatively large area of corrugated boxes, the plate roller contacts more air, and the printing speed is slow, the ink should be selected with a slower drying speed, otherwise the ink is easy to dry on the printing plate, making the field printing uneven and the line version paste

● master the fluidity of ink painting. Especially when printing laminated ink, it should be noted that the fluidity of the latter color is slower than that of the former color

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