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Introduction to high temperature gear pump

high temperature gear pump is an essential equipment for polyester melt transportation, pressurization and melt metering according to the diameter of steel products Compared with other types of melt pump, high temperature gear oil pump has compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, small shear effect on melt, stable flow at high viscosity and high pressure, and no outlet pressure fluctuation The unique advantages of the pump and its key role in the process flow make lqry heat transfer oil pump play an irreplaceable role in polyester production

however, if the pump is improperly operated and managed, it will not only fail to exert its efficiency, but even cause sudden damage to the pump

A complete gear pump includes motor, reducer, coupling and pump head. The pump head is composed of pump shell, front and rear side covers, gear shaft, sliding bearing and shaft seal High temperature pump is a positive displacement pump, which depends on the working volume change caused by the meshing of driving and driven gears to transport melt The working volume is composed of the pump body, gear slots and bearings with side plate function

when the gear rotates in the direction shown in Figure 1, the melt enters the slots of the two gears in the suction chamber. With the rotation of the gear, the melt is brought into the discharge chamber from both sides, and the gear is meshed again, so that the melt in the slots is extruded out of the discharge chamber and pressed to the outlet pipe As long as the pump shaft rotates, the gear will press the melt to the outlet side, so the pump outlet can reach a high pressure, and the flow and discharge pressure are basically irregular, which will be adjusted

second, operation management

1, daily maintenance

(L) the disassembly, cleaning, heating, cooling, starting and stopping of mt-htp high-temperature magnetic pump should be operated in strict accordance with the regulations to avoid undue losses (2) Attention should be paid to maintaining the stability of booster pump population pressure, so that it has a stable volumetric efficiency, which is conducive to the operation of the pump itself and the stability of downstream spinning quality (3) For the packing shaft seal pump with negative pressure, the pressure at the stuffing box should be kept higher than the stability pressure of the external atmospheric testing machine When the back pressure decreases, the pressure of the stuffing box should be adjusted in time, otherwise the pump will suck in air, causing the casting strip to break, affecting the pelletizing and causing the discharge of the pelletizer (4) Always check the temperature of the heat medium jacket, and the heat medium temperature of the main body and the front and rear covers should be consistent (5) Every time the output increases, the output, speed, inlet and outlet pressure and current value at that time should be recorded, and the data before and after should be compared and carefully analyzed, so as to find abnormalities as soon as possible and deal with them in time

III. measures to improve the operating life of high-temperature pumps

1. Since the pump body operates at high temperature, hinged supports should be set on the piping during cold installation. If altllc's crowdfunding activity is successful, it will prevent piping displacement after temperature rise

2, the coupling must be hot aligned after the pump body is heated to avoid additional torque during operation

3, the outlet pressure measuring point of CQB-G high temperature magnetic pump should be set with interlock to stop the alarm, otherwise, once the discharge pipe is blocked, it is easy to cause damage to the pump body

4, when the pump is started and there is no pressure at the outlet, do not blindly increase the speed to prevent premature damage of the shaft or bearing

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