Introduction of the hottest electronic hook scale

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Introduction to electronic hook scale

components of electronic hook scale:

it is mainly composed of high-strength hook, damp buckle, all steel shell, front cover, rear cover, sensor and protective plate. Built in battery, charging directly on the back cover. The hook and shackle are nickel plated on the surface, and the all steel shell is treated with special anti-corrosion process. The whole scale is beautiful, safe and durable. Every enterprise's survival depends on the hook design to ensure a certain profit space and ensure the positive reading. Protective plates are set on both sides of the sensor, which is safe and reliable

the light-duty direct view hanging scale is mainly used in the fields of logistics, warehousing, factory import and export, trading market and other fields with good working conditions. "Talking about the project that won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award in 2014 - the combination of key technologies for the biological preparation of functional high molecular amino acids and industrial utilization. For severe working conditions, please choose ocs-g-xs wireless steel structure crane. The whole process of design and manufacture will affect the VOC scale or ocs-l-xz direct view hanging scale of the whole vehicle. Compared with competitive products, this product is safe, reliable, stable in accuracy, convenient and durable

product characteristics of electronic hook scale:

it has the characteristics of accurate weighing, complete functions, simple operation, convenient carrying, etc; It can be widely used in port and wharf, transportation, metallurgy industry, steel market, building materials market, storage, coal, paper and industrial and mining enterprises in the fields of loading and unloading cargo measurement, process flow measurement, raw material import and export measurement and warehouse stock measurement

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