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Special topic of 2012 China (Guangzhou) International Food Packaging Machinery Exhibition (IV): Fuya Exhibition "2+1 scheme" promotes win-win in the industrial chain

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enterprise access is more relaxed 2012 China (Guangzhou) International food packaging machinery exhibition (IV): Fuya Exhibition "2+1 scheme" promotes win-win in the industrial chain

Fuya exhibition has successfully established the first Guangzhou Food Fair [China] Since the experimental machine of (Guangzhou) International Food Import and Export Fair itself has a brain abbreviation], it has always launched two brand exhibitions, namely, food packaging exhibition and wine exhibition, based on market demand. Under the background of economic downturn but macroeconomic optimism, Fuya exhibition has re integrated the resources and experience of previous exhibitions, and made a combination of fist - 2+1 plan to promote the win-win situation of the industrial chain

2+1 scheme

2 refers to the sum of interfood and cmpf of Fuya's brand exhibitions, which can more vividly show the internal relationship between the two brand exhibitions. In general, cmpf was conceived under the background of the transformation and upgrading of China's food industry and food safety. It has an industrial chain supply-demand relationship with interfood, the largest exhibition of the food industry in South China, which provides congenital conditions for cmpf in trade and exchange

1 refers to wineair, another brand exhibition under Fuya exhibition, which is committed to providing a professional platform for domestic and foreign alcohol enterprises to expand in trade, information, capital, talent and resources, and promoting international trade, exchange and cooperation among alcohol enterprises

in the context of economic downturn but macroeconomic optimism, Fuya made important strategic adjustments, holding its brand exhibitions interfood, cmpf and wineair at the same time as the autumn Canton Fair, and bringing the three exhibitions into the same exhibition area C, so as to connect food manufacturers, food packaging machinery manufacturers, alcohol enterprises and the procurement group of deformation industry in the industrial chain information, resources The sharing and win-win channel in supply and demand provides a large-scale, professional and standardized professional trade exchange platform for exhibitors, professional procurement groups and industry experts

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