Introduction of the hottest Dell bamboo packaging

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Introduction of Dell bamboo packaging knowledge

low carbon and environmental protection seems to have become one of the hottest topics today, and some companies are also trying to make some contributions to environmental protection. Now, some Dell products have begun to use packaging containing bamboo elements. Bamboo material can be highly regenerated and biodegradable. It is an excellent packaging material to replace pulp, foam and wrinkled paper

bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, which plays a very important role in real life and utilization. It can grow 24 inches a day, much faster than ordinary hardwood trees. And full of toughness, the packaging box made of bamboo can well protect the equipment during transportation. In addition, if the method of harvesting bamboo is appropriate, there is no need to carry out secondary planting. Therefore, bamboo material is indeed a feasible environmental protection packaging

Dell uses bamboo materials to make cushions for placing products in packaging boxes; 25% of the ingredients in the outer packing box materials also come from the secondary recycling materials. This innovative achievement shows Dell's commitment to improving the earth's environment

Dell never seems to give up trying to use environmental protection materials. It has previously developed a bamboo computer host. After several years of design and development, although it finally failed to form mass production, many countries have been studying to stop marketing. This is a marketing measure. The sale of fuel vehicles has played a good role in promoting environmental protection design

at present, the replacement of electronic products is fast. At present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper. Many electronic products have become refractory electronic waste after being eliminated, causing great pollution to our living environment. So I hope that more companies and enterprises can pay attention to environmental protection and work together to protect the environment on which we live

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