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Leaders of Zhongzhang building materials and Tiancheng Building Materials visited and investigated Valin Xingma

leaders of Zhongzhang building materials and Tiancheng Building Materials visited and investigated Valin Xingma

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on the morning of September 5, according to the usual practice, Zheng Zuwen, general manager of Zhongzhang (Fuzhou) building materials Co., Ltd., Yu Zhang, general manager of Guangzhou Tiancheng Building Materials Co., Ltd., and his party entered Valin Xingma for a visit and investigation. He Xiaosheng, assistant to the general manager of the group company, received the visit and accompanied him to visit the four process workshops and engine workshops of the whole vehicle

as old customers of Valin Xingma, Zheng Zuwen and Yu zhangkai visited the company for the first time. He Xiaosheng introduced the whole vehicle production process in detail to the customer. Customer representatives walked through stamping, welding, coating and final assembly one by one, especially in the welding workshop. The picture of the orderly automatic welding of the full-automatic robot of the Hanma H6 production line impressed the customer representatives and took photos one after another. Later, in the engine workshop, he Xiaosheng introduced in detail the advanced technology and technical level of hammar power to the customers, and said that more than 90% of the parts and components on the engine are selected from international top brand suppliers. Even ordinary people have their content covering more than 40 claims, such as new alloy composition design, whole process manufacturing and processing technology. Small parts such as bolts, belts, seals and so on, which are not paid much attention to, have the status of international brands, And introduced to the customer representatives one by one. In addition, the working principle of in cylinder braking was also explained in detail. He Xiaosheng introduced that in cylinder braking can not only improve the safety of driving, but also create more value for users

in addition, PGA dura substitutes are also under research. The core of a round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is to improve the production efficiency of the manufacturing industry and reduce labor. Through introduction and on-site investigation, customer representatives have a deeper understanding of the progressiveness of Hanma power, and have expressed their appreciation of this trip

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