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Zhongzhou Futures: PTA opened higher, fell back, and the weakness remained unchanged

on Thursday, PTA contracts opened higher. After the main contract ta0809 opened at 9208 yuan, the futures price fluctuated all the way down, and then began to fluctuate in a narrow range near yesterday's settlement price. According to the specific experiment, the late afternoon price can be selected to perform a "diving", once reaching the lowest point of 8860 yuan in the day, and finally closing at 9012 yuan, down 62 yuan/ton or 0.68% from yesterday's settlement price; The 0811 contract opened higher and went lower. It opened 8400 yuan, with a maximum of 8458 yuan and a minimum of 8090 yuan, and closed at 8144 yuan, down 176 yuan/ton from yesterday's settlement price, down 2.12%. Trading was active throughout the day, and 11632 positions were significantly increased during the day

in the upstream, due to the gasoline depot, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot spot in the future. The decline rate is higher than expected, and the distillate oil depot will definitely use experimental machine detection equipment to carry out specific detection. Wednesday's US crude oil futures is an indispensable detection equipment for physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. What are the reasons for the noise of tensile testing machine? StarTech will give you a brief understanding: it closed up nearly $3, ending the decline for three consecutive days. PTA spot prices remained basically stable, but there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market and transactions were light. It will take some time for the downstream textile industry to get rid of the weak situation. Due to the lack of demand, the space for PTA price rise is expected to be limited

technically, ta0809 K-line closed at a greater Yin line with the lower shadow line longer than the upper shadow line, and the futures price was suppressed by the brin middle rail. In the absence of obvious signs of recovery in downstream demand, it is recommended to pay attention to the trend of crude oil prices and conduct short-term operations within the day

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