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Zhuhai Zhongfu Xingjian has seven filling plants, such as: Cement dynamometer factory

in order to achieve the goal of creating a new glory, 2. What are the abnormal problems of the electronic tensile testing machine and how to prevent the error of the testing machine for 0 years, Zhuhai Zhongfu company (000659) actively adjusts and upgrades the industrial structure and product structure, and adheres to the road of "chain development". On the basis of the successful operation of Zhongfu Guanghan PET raw material slicing plant in 2003, this year, the company continued to increase investment after the test project: tightening experiments, and actively developed downstream of the industrial chain. Seven tea and fruit juice beverage filling plants were built in Zhongshan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Kunming, Changsha, Urumqi and other places, including Coca Cola SCMC company, Pepsi Cola, Hong Kong Vitasoy, Hong Kong Health workshop, Taiwan unification, Jianlibao Danone, robust and other well-known brands carry out OEM OEM OEM processing business

at present, six of the filling plants have been successfully put into operation. After all of them are completed and put into operation, they will form an annual filling capacity of 1.5 billion bottles, and become the largest and most powerful professional beverage OEM enterprise in China. It can be predicted that in the near future, this project will become another new economic growth point for Zhuhai Zhongfu

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