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"Breaking news" Zijinqiao configuration software V6.5 version partial update instructions

from the state-owned large real-time database system (RealDB) to the monitoring configuration software (real), from the SCADA system to the MES (real MIP) system based on Zijinqiao, in recent years, with the upgrading of Zijinqiao software and the development of new products, Zijinqiao software has become a famous supplier of automation software. As a representative of state-owned brands, Zijinqiao software has always placed technology research and development at an important position in the development of enterprises. After absorbing the excellent results of configuration software at home and abroad from the completion of unit construction in June 2014, Zijinqiao configuration software V6.5 will eventually come out after a long period of market research, development, debugging and other work combined with its own characteristics

next, I will share with you the long-awaited surprise brought by Zijinqiao configuration software V6.5

update of new functions:

1 Script debugging function: including view script debugging and DB script debugging

2 Layer function

3 Temporary array, array function

4 Analog i/o points add proportional definition options, which can carry out complex processing of PV values

5 Flash, slide components

6 Add centralized authorization service

7 Optimized the access speed of IE screen. A folder will be automatically created in the temporary directory as a cache

8 The project manager adds an intelligent drag and drop file update function

9 Add Val attribute to the text box, and you can directly operate on the value

10 String history saves the historical access of desc parameters of database points

11 Added help prompt for object attributes in Scripter

12 Window objects, window variables, and window custom functions can be referenced externally

13. Add two openchild() functions to the window object

14 Automatically set the initial value of the start time control to the current time

15 The string type

16 is added for historical retrieval Benchmark query is added, that is to find the value of other points at the corresponding time

17 based on the change of a certain point in order to reduce the vibration and noise time in the running process of machinery and equipment, vehicles (such as trains, cars, aircraft and ships) Improve database historical access functions inserthisdata, gethisdatastr, etc.

18 Update text box, radio button, multiple selection box, drop-down box, list box, start time, time range, etc.

19 Sub graph structure

partial update of driving function:

1 Intelligent instrument; The Japanese cleaning center uses plastic particles as raw materials for island power; MET_ SHIMADEN_ e

2. Intelligent instrument; Hong Kong Changhui; MET_ ChangHui_ e

3. Intelligent instrument; Mettletoledo (continuous upload); MET_ XK_ 3130_ e

4. PLC; Mitsubishi; PLC_ MITSUBISHI_ e

5. PLC; Mitsubishi; PLC_ MITSUBISHI_ FX_ e

6. PLC; Omron (Omron); PLC_ OMRON_ HOSTLINK



9. PLC; Siemens; PLC_ Siemens_ E

the new functions are systematically analyzed in detail in the online help, accompanied by specific examples, as long as the customer enters the corresponding keywords in it

more from his arrogant and tough software functions, please pay attention to the official website of Zijinqiao software

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