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For the first time, Jiangxi selected the top ten brands and people of digital publishing

sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Publishing Bureau, Jiangxi Society, Dajiang and other units, the test piece was inserted vertically between the cylinder and the pressure roller shaft (the coating faces the zigzag column). First of all, the product can be produced in large quantities only after strict experiments, and then put on the market. For two years, the selection of the top ten contributors and top ten excellent brands of Jiangxi digital publishing has officially entered the stage of public evaluation, 23 candidates and 29 candidate brands from the digital publishing field of the province officially appeared and accepted the public vote

Haier Group has almost harsh requirements for the safety of household appliances. The voting time starts from December 5 to 27. The selection will adopt a comprehensive scoring and ranking method, and finally select the winners and brands. Among them, the score of expert jury accounts for 40%, and the public comment accounts for 60%

in recent years, digital publishing in Jiangxi Province has developed rapidly. By the end of 2011, the total output value of digital publishing in Jiangxi Province has increased by an average of 55% for three consecutive years

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