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Zhongtai chemical plans to introduce American automatic calcium carbide equipment

Xinjiang 6. Regular inspection of components: all pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators and pressure relays, travel switches, thermal relays and other signal devices. The relevant person in charge of Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. recently revealed that Zhongtai chemical will contact relevant enterprises in the United States, Introduce fully automatic calcium carbide furnace manipulator equipment to accelerate the comprehensive upgrading of circular economy industrial chain technology

it is reported that Zhongtai chemical learned from the communication with CI company that the company's fully automatic calcium carbide furnace manipulator has been successfully applied to 66mva calcium carbide furnace in Kentucky for many years, and the technology is mature. In the near future, Zhongtai chemical will organize an expert team to visit the American factory and discuss the introduction. If the technology can be successfully introduced, it will be of great significance for Zhongtai chemical and even the western region to improve the automation level of calcium carbide production and improve the production environment

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