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"World pump king" creates the "Trinity era" of ultra-high-rise pumping

"world pump king" creates the "Trinity poly aryl ether ketone (peak) pumped by ultra-high-rise, which is a polymer generation formed by the connection of a class of phenylene rings through ether bonds and carbonyls"

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Guide: Recently, the Shanghai center with a main height of 580 meters in Lujiazui Financial Center District of Shanghai was successfully capped. Sany ultra-high pressure towing pump, known as the king of pumps in China, broke the record again, creating a new height for single pump vertical pumping. Shanghai center is the first high-rise building with more than 600 meters in China, with a 123 storey core

recently, the Shanghai center, whose main body is 580 meters high, was successfully capped in the Lujiazui Financial Center District of Shanghai. Sany ultra-high pressure towing pump, known as the "king of pumps in China", broke the record again, creating a new height for single pump vertical pumping

Shanghai center is the first high-rise building with a height of more than 600 meters in China, with a 123 storey core tube of 580 meters. The capping of the core cylinder has set up another classic model project of super high-rise pumping for the industry, creating the "Trinity era" of super high-rise pumping

Liang Linhe, chairman of Sany pumping division, said, "580 meters is not only a breakthrough in height, but also a perfect leap for Sany from the king of pumps in China to the king of pumps in the world."

Sany has a complete set of mature construction experience for super high-rise buildings

on August 3, the main structure of China's tallest building, Shanghai center, was capped, and the pumping height reached 580 meters, breaking Sany's previous record of the highest pumping in China. After the completion of the outer wall tubular column of the Shanghai center, the Shanghai center will reach the design height of 632 meters. At that time, Sany will likely create a new world record of 632 meters for single pump vertical pumping

according to incomplete statistics, since 2002, Sany ultra-high pressure concrete pump has successively participated in the construction of Hong Kong International Financial Center, China 117 building, Suzhou international financial center, Guangzhou East Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and other high-rise buildings. 80% of the 300 meter high buildings that have been built and are under construction in China are built by SANY; The pumping equipment of Sany will participate in the construction of buildings above 500 meters. In 2008, Putzmeister set the world's highest pumping record of 606 meters in the Dubai Tower, the world's tallest building. Now Putzmeister has become a company with Sany

referring to Sany's ultra-high pressure towing pump, industry expert Wang Anlin said that he had watched Sany's ultra-high pressure towing pump build Shanghai global financial center in 2007. "At that time, Sany towed the pump to 492 meters, creating a world record for vertical pumping with a single pump."

in 2013, a total of 442 batches of fields were detected in the national inspection and quarantine system in the super high-rise pumping collar. Why can Sany repeatedly set world records and maintain its global leadership? Experts in the industry believe that this is mainly due to the fact that Sany has a set of mature construction experience for super high-rise buildings

"this set of construction experience has five highlights, including stable and reliable equipment, vulnerable parts with long service life, unique pipe laying process, independently developed pipes and super high-rise water washing technology." Yang Gong from Sany pumping Research Institute told me

according to the introduction, in terms of equipment reliability, Sany ultra-high pressure towing pump adopts two diesel engines to drive two sets of pump groups respectively. Using the dual power confluence technology, two sets of pump units work at the same time at ordinary times. When one group fails, the group can be cut off, and the other group still maintains 50% of the displacement to continue to work, so as to avoid losses caused by the interruption of the construction process. It can not only work at the same time to improve work efficiency, but also work alone

"needless to say, water washing technology is leading in China and even the world." Yang Gong said that the direct water washing process of super high-rise concrete ensures that the concrete in the pipeline is pressed to the construction site with high-pressure water. How high the pumping is, how high the washing is. "Take the Hong Kong International Financial Center for example, this technology saves HK $1.9 million for customers and protects the environment."

in fact, Sany's pipe laying process is also very distinctive. According to Yang Gong, at a construction site in Wuhan last year, a 26 MPa trailer pump of a brand failed to pump up a 200 meter high building. Later, the construction party had to believe that most of the respondents believed that the demand for plastic machinery in the three major markets of automobile, packaging and medical treatment was expected to be further increased, and they turned to Sany equipment construction for help. "Our product is 22 MPa, and the pumping task was easily completed at that time."

referring to this case, Yang Gong believes that in addition to the gap in equipment, the maturity of the pipe laying process of both sides is also different. "Sany has more than ten years of mature technology. Sany equipment is responsible for the construction of all domestic high-rise buildings over 500 meters, which is not the second one in the country."

the echelon management mode has a clear division of labor to make money and save money for customers.

with the capping of the main structure of China's tallest building - the Shanghai center, the "global big brother" of "China pump king" is full of style

Xue Zhengming, the equipment director of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, who has been involved in the concrete industry for more than 20 years, not only highly recognizes Sany equipment, but also appreciates Sany's management mode. "This is also one of the reasons why Shanghai Construction Engineering Group can maintain ten-year cooperation with Sany."

it is understood that in order to do a good job in this project, Sany quickly established a project department. "The project department continues the echelon management mode, including three modules: the R & D support module led by wangyouyi, President of Sany pumping Research Institute, the service support module led by liuairong, general manager of the pumping Division Service Company, and the on-site work is in the charge of Lin Zixi."

these three modules are closely linked. According to Lin Zixi, they will hold on-site coordination meetings every month. For the problems of the equipment, the Research Institute, the service company and the on-site responsible three modules speak freely and jointly solve the equipment problems

in terms of the reliability of the equipment, the research institute takes the overall responsibility. Every month, Sany will send relevant technical experts to the Shanghai center to check the operation of the equipment and ensure that all technical parameters of the equipment are normal

"for example, if a 500 meter high-rise building is shut down, the waste concrete in a single pipe will reach 10 cubic meters, and the price of each cubic meter of concrete is about 600 yuan, which does not include other losses caused by the shutdown. We have calculated that the pumping of this super high-rise building will cause a loss of 100000 yuan to customers every time it is shut down." Liu Gong from Sany Research Institute told me. Liu Gong has more than ten years of experience in the hydraulic field. Every time there is a super high-rise pumping project, the company will send him to participate in the whole process to track the hydraulic operation of the equipment

similarly, in terms of on-site coordination, Lin Zixi said that the pumping agent in Shanghai also gave full support. "For example, every time we need to replace vulnerable parts, the Shanghai agent will send someone to deliver them quickly." In terms of service, Sany has been greatly recognized by customers

service "double insurance" on-site and "quick reaction" experts as a reserve force

in addition to high-quality concrete equipment participating in the construction of the Shanghai center throughout the process, Sany also established a first-class special service team to enter the construction site and provide "expert level" services 24 hours a day. In addition, many experienced "quick reaction" experts also joined in

during the pouring of the bottom slab of the Shanghai center, a special service team of more than 20 people from Sany entered the construction site more than 10 hours before the construction, and worked in shifts for 24 hours, without letting go of any abnormal equipment, so as to ensure the construction quality. Continuous construction of equipment and continuous operation of service personnel

in the preliminary work, considering the particularity of this project, Sany specially sent R & D engineers to carry out large-scale training for customer operators and equipment supervisors. The training contents include: equipment safety operation procedures, safe operation knowledge of long boom pump truck and various precautions for large-scale transportation. All possible problems will be solved in the early stage to ensure the safety of the construction process

at the same time, Sany pumping quality assurance department and the Research Institute organized special personnel to carry out a series of comprehensive flaw detection on all pump truck boom cylinders, pin shafts, boom frames and connecting rods involved in the construction, so as to investigate all possible hidden dangers. It is these meticulous, comprehensive and thoughtful preparatory work that makes Sany's equipment free from any accidents in a high-intensity working environment

Xie Xiangyang, a Sany "quick reaction" expert with the title of "miracle doctor", also participated in the construction of the Shanghai center. According to Xie Xiangyang, during the whole project construction period, Sany products did not have major failures. The fault of the swing cylinder reversing system that occurred some time ago was also successfully solved with the joint cooperation of the special service engineer and Xie Xiangyang. Shanghai Construction Engineering Group is also very satisfied with this

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