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the rotor of No. 5 unit of Baihetan Hydropower Station was successfully hoisted ()

recently, the rotor of No. 5 unit of Baihetan Hydropower Station was successfully hoisted at the mechanical and electrical installation of the left bank of Baihetan Hydropower Station undertaken by the fourth Hydropower Bureau under the State Power Construction Corporation around the efficient and recycling of resources. Rotor is one of the landmark components of hydro generator set, which is mainly composed of rotor support, yoke and magnetic pole. Bai... [details]

unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station has reached critical for the first time ()

recently, the nuclear reactor of unit 5 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station has reached critical state for the first time, marking that the unit has officially entered the power operation state, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent impulse, merger and commercial operation of the unit. On the morning of June 12, the Northeast nuclear and radiation safety supervision station of the Ministry of ecological environment released the critical operation... [details]

vice governor Qi Jiabin inspected the safety production work in the field of special equipment ()

in order to implement the spirit of the national safety production video conference and the provincial safety committee meeting, vice governor Qi Jiabin carried out the safety production inspection in the field of special equipment in Nanjing on June 21. Qi Jiabin and his party came to Aerji new energy (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Jin... [details]

with a total investment of 40billion yuan! On the morning of June 18, the 19th China Strait innovation project results fair was held. Zhangzhou has collected a total of 10 projects with a total planned investment of 53.41 billion yuan. At the event site, five representative projects signed on-site digital contracts. Zhongkelong from Zhangzhou... [details]

the largest single XC project in China led by CETC was successfully completed and accepted ()

recently, the largest single XC project in China, Jiangxi XC project, was successfully completed and accepted. The project involves nearly 100 construction units, hundreds of application systems and tens of thousands of terminals. The construction period is tight, there are many systems and it is difficult to adapt. CETC Taiji carefully formulates the project schedule and implements the hanging... [details]

Lanzhou Petrochemical makes every effort to build a green development demonstration enterprise in the Yellow River Basin ()

at present, Lanzhou Petrochemical Plant No.2 tank "the construction of oil and gas recovery project of loading trestle in its actual area is under intense construction. After this project is put into operation, the oil and gas in loading will be recycled, and the air in the operation area will be more fresh. Zhangshengbin, director of Lanzhou Petrochemical Safety and environmental protection supervision center, said. Di... [details]

gem machinery new electric drive fracturing skid helps exploration and development ()

in the middle and late June, the first 5000 electric drive fracturing skid of gem machinery company successfully completed all tests and passed the type test. The test results show that the first 5000 electric drive fracturing skid fully meets the design requirements. This product will go to the shale gas platform for industrial test in the near future, and further verification is on page... [details]

Alfa Laval duracirc ring piston pump keeps the equipment intact ()

in the sanitary process, performance, hygiene and simpler maintenance are all essential. However, ouyangming said that manufacturers in the products, food, beverages, and home and personal care industries still often suffer from the need to make sacrifices in one aspect to achieve goals in the other. There is no need to do so now [details]

Sichuan Petrochemical's new high-end polyolefin product "two consecutive releases"

on June 16, Sichuan Zhengyuan environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. was using the homopolymer fiber product hs98g supplied by Sichuan Petrochemical Company to pilot produce medical non-woven fabrics. According to the feedback of enterprise technicians, the product has stable liquidity and no peculiar smell on the processing site. Previously, Sichuan Petrochemical Polypropylene Plant successfully completed 2000 tons... [details]

Liaoyang Petrochemical UHMWPE achieved double kettle stable production ()

by seizing the golden season of product efficiency, we carried out special care operation on the plant, and the a/b lines of polyethylene plant were produced and operated at the same time, effectively improving the toughness and wear resistance of products while doubling the output. On June 11, polyethylene in olefin plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company... [details]

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