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Nanfang pump won the quality award of Yuhang District People's Government ()

Yuhang District People's Government Quality Award, which is the highest quality Honor Award established by the district government. Award winning enterprises need to have a wide range of social popularity and influence, implement excellent performance model management, and take the lead in quality management and independent innovation ability, With significant economic benefits and higher society... [details]

micro motor shaft cryogenic treatment box motor shaft cryogenic equipment wholesale ()

motor shaft cryogenic treatment liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment in view of the fact that most injection molding manufacturers do not produce plastic masterbatch or color masterbatch box themselves price model: cdw-196 brand: micro motor shaft cryogenic treatment box produced by HuiFu Shandong HuiFu can improve the performance of main technical specifications of motor shaft, which is mostly used in metal The cryogenic treatment of cemented carbide, high-speed steel and other materials can increase the wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance of materials... [details]

Henan Oilfield fully guarantees the power safety of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project ()

on January 15, song Yanpeng and Li Bin, employees of the Hebei project Department of Henan oil ring block friction and wear experiment Jitian hydropower plant, marched in full armed on the quiet river channel of the Beijing Shijiazhuang section of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and carefully patrolled the line. Affected by the COVID-19 and extremely cold weather, the patrol inspection during this period has increased a bit "dangerous" [details]

chemical marketing South China has successfully opened up the market for high-voltage polyethylene insulation special materials ()

recently, chemical marketing South China and Maoming Petrochemical launched a new product of high-voltage polyethylene cable insulation materials, which was widely welcomed by the market, with a total sales of 1468 tons, effectively filling the gap in the supply of high-voltage polyethylene cable materials by Sinopec in South China [details]

the actual transformation of large centrifugal pumps in Kaiquan pump industry has been successfully accepted in succession ()

since our company implemented the energy-saving transformation strategy, the energy-saving team has worked closely and made innovations with determination, and has made outstanding achievements in the industrial and municipal fields. Although the road of energy conservation is long, the prospect is bright. 1、 Power plant Yuzhou Energy Co., Ltd., a supercritical direct air-cooled unit power plant, stands in Gyeonggi gateway, Cyprus... [details]

Chongqing Hydraulic Turbine Company held the 2021 annual economic work conference ()

on January 12, the company held the 2021 annual economic work conference, implemented the spirit of the Electromechanical group work conference, and deployed all the work of the company in 2021. More than 60 members of the company's leading group, middle-level management cadres and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was held by Zhou De, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of Directors... [details]

the 2020 leading group report and Evaluation Conference ()

in order to comprehensively review the implementation of various work tasks in 2020, summarize experience, forge consensus and seek common development, on the morning of January 15, Xiangyang Fifth Five Year Plan Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "pump company") held the 2020 annual leadership report and evaluation meeting. The middle and senior managers and employee representatives of the company... [details]

Shanghai Petrochemical high-grade gasoline increased against the trend ()

since this year, the output of Shanghai Shihua 95 and 98 high-grade gasoline accounts for 48% of the total gasoline, hitting a new record high. In 2020, the company adopted SCM and PC distributed control system, and the output of high-grade gasoline accounted for 34.98%. The total output decreased by 200000 tons compared with 2019, but the high-grade gasoline increased by 60000 tons compared with 2019, showing a counter trend increase... [details]

the market prospect of small flow and high head magnetic pump is promising, and Shanghai Hongdong provides product and technical support ()

with the development of science and technology, magnetic pump is also constantly innovating in the constantly innovative industrial new products. Shanghai Hongdong Pump Co., Ltd. aims at the needs of industrial applications, and some working conditions require the use of small flow and high lift magnetic pumps. Therefore, it organized the company's scientific and technological research and development team to customize this... [details]

Southwest Oil and gas company and exploration company started comprehensive cooperation ()

on January 14, southwest oil and gas company and exploration company held the first meeting of comprehensive cooperation, Implement the requirements of the Party group of the group company and the spirit of the speech of zhangyuzhuo, chairman of the group company, to investigate the enterprises in Sichuan, discuss and implement the comprehensive cooperation plan, and further strengthen joint research and research to promote exploration... [details]

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