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promote the improvement of centrifuge technology. The draft of "centrifuge performance test method" was issued ()

in recent years, China's centrifuge industry has developed rapidly, and a large number of emerging centrifuge manufacturing enterprises have emerged. With the efforts of many enterprises and the support and guidance of the national innovation driven development strategy, the output and sales value of centrifuges have increased year by year, and have gradually replaced foreign advanced products in many industries... [details]

Baling Petrochemical "management + technology" two wheel drive energy conservation potential ()

Baling Petrochemical Company adheres to the concept of systematic energy management, and through strengthening management and technological progress, two wheel drive energy conservation potential, Promote the establishment of green enterprises and high-quality development. In the first 11 months of this year, the company saved 76.56 million yuan, 319% of the 24million yuan planned at the beginning of the year. In the past three years, the company... [details]

Dongfang Electric Group has made a major breakthrough in nuclear equipment design capability ()

on December 1, 2020, after 10 years of unremitting efforts, Dongfang Electric obtained the design license of nuclear class 1 equipment (steam generator) issued by the national nuclear safety administration, becoming the first equipment manufacturing enterprise with this qualification in China. The state has been committed to promoting the cultivation of R & D and design capabilities of manufacturing enterprises... [details]

the first domestic aircraft carrier construction project won the national quality award excellent project award ()

on December 11, the China Quality Association held the 2020 annual meeting of the China Quality Association in Beijing. China Shipbuilding Corporation applied for the "first domestic aircraft carrier construction project" in addition to the statement of facts, Won the outstanding project award of the 19th national quality award. After strict qualification examination, material review, on-site review, items... [details]

leaders of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. visited humon pump ()

on December 9, Zhu Zong, the project leader of fluorine materials of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited humon pump. Wang Hongguang, general manager of the company, Wang binchao, deputy director of the business center, and others accompanied the inspection of the company's production and processing workshops, and introduced in detail the company's production and processing... [details]

Chongqing pump boric acid transmission nuclear grade reciprocating pump project won the third prize of the "China machinery industry science and Technology Award". The demand for steel for economic growth continued to decline ()

recently, The China Machinery Industry Federation organized the recommendation and evaluation of the 2020 "China machinery industry science and Technology Award", and the third-generation nuclear power "boric acid transmission nuclear level reciprocating pump development and engineering application" project independently developed by the heavy pump company won the third prize of the scientific and Technological Progress Award [details]

Chongqing water pump assembly youth commando team tackles difficult tasks ()

in order to ensure the annual output value target of the company, in view of the characteristics of the assembly workshop at the end of the year, which has many urgent and difficult tasks and assembly difficulties, the assembly regiment branch has established a youth commando team, which is mainly responsible for the urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks of the workshop, and makes every effort to tackle them. In June, the commandos organized 107 raids... [details]

Chongqing water pump company organized the special training of "pump unit vibration and noise analysis BASF company pays great attention to the quality and safety standards of this kind of products" ()

recently, master Zhijun of Harbin Engineering University was invited to the heavy pump company to carry out the special training of pump unit vibration and noise analysis. Nearly 20 technicians from the mechanics room, centrifugal pump room, positive displacement pump room and other departments of the company's technical center attended. At the training meeting, the teacher introduced the domestic and foreign... [details]

Yantai humon pump test-bed successfully passed the audit and evaluation of the national pump product quality inspection center ()

recently, after the audit and evaluation of the national pump product quality inspection center, our company's HB pump test-bed met the inspection standards of gb/t "hydraulic performance acceptance test of rotary power pumps, levels 1, 2 and 3", And reached the standard requirements of the highest level I accuracy, and was awarded the certificate of conformity, becoming Shandong... [details]

the sales volume of Leo pump Heilongjiang order meeting exceeded 3million yuan ()

recently, the Leo Heilongjiang regional thank you order meeting with the theme of "building a win-win future for Leo" jointly organized by Leo Heilongjiang dealer and general manager of Dawei company and Leo was successfully concluded in Harbin Spring International Hotel, About 60 dealer partners in Heilongjiang region participated in this... [details]

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