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Nexant fluid gas-liquid booster pump and liquid booster valve have successfully passed the acceptance! ()

Dongguan saisente fluid equipment Co., Ltd. single head/double head gas-liquid booster pump has passed the customer's acceptance! In order to cooperate with customers to implement and complete the project as soon as possible, Nexant can be said to be fast, and the development of the cluster better understands Ma jiabian, rushing to work for customers, and finally successfully completed the acceptance test and delivered to the site a week before the limited delivery date [details]

the commissioning of the world's largest axial compressor was successful ()

on September 1, industry experts and users gathered in Shaangu to jointly witness the commissioning process of a's abundant personnel, mainly in the well V140. All parameters of the unit operation met the design requirements, marking the successful commissioning of the world's largest axial compressor. Av140, the commanding height of heavy equipment recycling industry in China, is the largest axial compression in the world at present... [details]

Grundfos innovatively launched the digital self-service booth ()

Grundfos water Hrk pump, the leader of global water pump and water technology solutions, officially appeared at the 13th Shanghai international water treatment exhibition with the digital self-service booth. This is the first time that Grundfos has launched a digital, self-service and unmanned smart booth in the world, bringing new ideas to business communication under the epidemic... [details]

Harbin Electric Power Group and guangtou Group signed a supply contract for steam turbine generator units and auxiliary equipment ()

on August 31, Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin Electric Group") and Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "guangtou group") signed the second phase of Beihai power plant of guangtou group in Beihai Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beihai power plant") × 660MW ultra supercritical expansion project steam turbine generator unit and... [details]

Dayuan pump industry won the highest A-level evaluation for the second consecutive year ()

recently, Dayuan pump industry won the highest A-level evaluation for the second consecutive year in the annual evaluation of information disclosure of listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, highlighting the high recognition of the quality of information disclosure and corporate governance by regulators. Information disclosure is the lifeline of the capital market. It is... [details]

the marketing after-sales service team of the stone pump company: loyal to the brand and honest to the user ()

this is an after-sales team composed of 22 people. Their on-site service is accompanied by the "SGB" series products of the stone pump company throughout the country, even to different countries and regions; This is a team with integrity first. They take sincere service as their creed. The long-term installation of pendulum impact testing machine is a kind of impact testing machine, which sets up a trust bridge between enterprises and users. He... [details]

the stone pump company successfully passed the certification audit of the energy management system ()

from August 17 to 22, the audit team composed of Beijing Zhongjing KEHUAN Quality Certification Co., Ltd. conducted the first on-site audit of the energy management system of the stone pump company. After two stages of on-site certification audit, the audit team decided to give the company on-site direct recommendation system certification, Signs... [details]

Maoming Petrochemical broke the exclusive purchase price barrier of axial flow pumps ()

axial flow pumps are important equipment of Maoming Petrochemical synthetic base oil project, with a flow of up to 5652m/h. Due to the complex manufacturing process and high technical difficulty, only one supplier applied for two tenders in August, and they were converted to exclusive procurement according to the regulations. Axial flow pump is a monopoly industry in China. In order to break the price of exclusive procurement... [details]

stone pump Xi Zhong ten million yuan ring chain long association order contract ()

after bidding for more than one month, recently, the stone pump electromechanical branch took the lead in organizing, coordinating and cooperating with multiple departments, and the company leaders attached importance to participation. The branch ranked a number of competitors, and successfully won the favor of important users of a company under China Coal Group, Xizhong ten million yuan ring chain leader's agreement... [details]

the stone pump company carries out special inspections on inflammables and explosives to ensure safe production ()

in order to effectively strengthen the supervision and management of fire safety in inflammable and explosive places and continuously improve the fire safety prevention level of each unit, since August, the stone pump company has, in accordance with the unified deployment of its superiors, combined with the specific plan of monthly safety activities of the enterprise, based on the recent fires at home and abroad Explosion and other accidents... [details]

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