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As the largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world, Sany concrete equipment has its own eye-catching effect in all previous exhibitions. During the BMW exhibition this year, Sany Heavy Industry pumping Division will send the ace of concrete to participate in the exhibition. The product line includes concrete pump truck, towed concrete pump, concrete mixer truck and environmental friendly intelligent dump truck, which will once again shine and attract the expectation of the whole audience

strength leading grinding tensile testing machine is mainly used in material inspection and analysis of wire and cable, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries. Runner: 62 meter pump truck pumping xinshengli (sy5530thb620c-8)

this exhibition pump truck sy5530thb620c-8 is a new 62 meter concrete pump truck jointly developed by SANY and Putzmeister, Germany, and is an absolute leader in the global pump truck market

Sany concrete pump truck sy5530thb620c-8

62m C8 pump truck boom, the Kirin arm of this concrete pump truck, can be regarded as an example of the exquisite combination of Chinese and German technology. The car has technologies such as one click fixed, intelligent vibration reduction of boom, rotation anti swing control, etc. to ensure the stability of boom in operation:

① no matter how much vibration the boom has after moving, just press one button easily, the 62m C8 boom immediately stops stably, and the end hose is quickly and accurately positioned to realize pouring operation

② the perfect integration of German Putzmeister technology can effectively reduce the boom jitter during pumping, reduce the amplitude by 50%, and stabilize the end hose

③ the 62m pump truck also adopts a new rotary braking technology, and the swing amplitude of the boom is reduced by 60%, realizing unprecedented accurate braking

Sany concrete pump truck adopts intelligent damping technology

in addition, Sany 62m C8 pump truck has automatically started the fault self diagnosis technology from the start of the machine. It has insight into the state of the equipment at all times, real-time monitoring and diagnosis of 200 faults, which can effectively shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%, and win the guarantee for the completion of the user's project construction progress on schedule

star product: concrete mixer (sy408c-8r)

the sy408c-8r concrete transport mixer unveiled at this exhibition has made a major breakthrough in economy and safety by drawing on the successful experience of Sany in the past

in terms of economy, Sany pumping Research Institute has reduced the weight of sy408c-8r by about 500~800kg compared with similar products in the market, and the loading capacity has been correspondingly increased through the new standardized platform design and the rigorous calculation, analysis, verification and optimization of various systems of the mixer truck

Sany concrete mixer sy408c-8r is equipped with the world's top engine

in addition, sy408c-8r always considers the unity of economy and power performance, adopts the world's top brand Hino engine, and is equipped with fast 9-speed transmission. Through the optimization and matching of engine and transmission, the comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 2~5%, so that the whole vehicle is even more powerful in terms of economy and energy saving, and the power and economy reach the optimal balance

in terms of safety, sy408c-8r has been greatly improved. First of all, the special non subframe structure of the mixer truck has a 150mm lower center of gravity than similar products in the market, and the lateral stability coefficient is large, which effectively reduces the risk of rollover and makes driving safer; Secondly, matching the front stabilizer bar to improve the roll angle stiffness of the suspension is conducive to operational stability, and the measured value of active safety performance is better than that of Mark 1; Finally, make full use of the engine power to assist the braking, which is linked with the braking. The braking distance is shortened by more than 10%, and the loss of the brake friction plate is reduced by more than 30%

ten year pin crown: the world pump King towed concrete delivery pump (hbt8018c-5s)

calculate the elastic modulus of a homogeneous entity with the same overall dimension and radial stiffness as the bearing according to the radial stiffness. The exhibition of Sany 80 series towed concrete delivery pump will continue to write a legend again. The machine has five core pumping technologies: advanced hydraulic system, intelligent control system, efficient pumping system, cutting-edge energy-saving technology and extreme wear-resistant technology

Sany concrete pump five core technologies

among them, the efficient pumping system benefits from the differential pressure induction reversing technology and the electric proportion control of the main oil pump, and the concrete delivery capacity can reach 87m/h; The new generation of energy-saving technology, which has won the China Patent Gold Award, can automatically adjust the engine speed and power according to the load, so that every drop of fuel can burst into surging power, realizing an overall energy saving of 25%; Fault self diagnosis technology can monitor and diagnose more than 50 faults in real time, which can effectively shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%; For the fifth generation of improved wearing parts, the inner sleeve of export material adopts special steel, and the wear resistance is 15 times that of ordinary steel

spokesperson for environmental protection: environmental protection intelligent dump truck (syz315c-8w)

in order to achieve the goal of intelligent urban management, Sany Heavy industry actively responded to the call of the government, relying on its own advanced manufacturing technology, strong R & D strength and first-class control platform, and based on the management experience of muck trucks in Europe, Japan and South Korea and other foreign developed countries, developed a new generation of environmental protection intelligent dump truck, The other two materials of syz315c-8w ring will be sent to the BMW exhibition. There is still a little distance from the utilization of the range to protect the intelligent dump truck

Sany environmental protection intelligent dump truck syz315c-8w

Sany new generation environmental protection intelligent dump truck, based on Sany intelligent manufacturing + IOT + big data construction, independently designs and develops on-board terminal system, integrates positioning, communication, vehicle traveling data recorder and other functions, and has powerful business scheduling function and data processing function. It can judge the empty and heavy load state of the vehicle, adjust the engine torque and realize intelligent fuel saving through artificial intelligence and machine intelligence learning according to the data collected from the driver's driving behavior

in the design of the whole vehicle, it adopts high-performance chassis, closed container, lightweight design of the whole vehicle and advanced U-shaped container design. It is equipped with Sany's independent research and development intelligent control platform, and the actively sealed tailgate and smooth surface of the container prevent spilling. Ensure the cleanliness of the urban environment and contribute to a better urban environment

in addition, the vehicle also realizes the optimal matching of the power system through digital simulation and test. It adopts the power combination of Weichai Guowu engine, 10 gear transmission with wide speed ratio and double stage reduction axle with large speed ratio, which has a wide economic fuel consumption area and lower comprehensive fuel consumption

Sany concrete ace division made a collective appearance at the BMW exhibition, from the strength leader 62 meter pump truck to the top selling concrete pump; From the star product mixer to the environmental friendly intelligent dump truck, the participating products have achieved major breakthroughs in terms of structure, performance and control technology, and will once again become the focus of BMW Shanghai

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