Their mother died in agony in a nursing home. Now

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Their mother died in agony in a nursing home. Now they’re demanding Ontario hire a long-term-care ombud - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The sons of 95-year-old Judith Young — who died in an Oakville nursing home with two broken femurs and no explanation — are calling on the Ontario government to hire a long-term-care ombud with the investigative power to demand answers from the system.

Without an independent oversight officeThe B.1.617 variant, sometimes calle, Dr. J.E.M. (James Edward Massey) Young and his brother, Terence YoungThe wastewater results., the former Oakville MP and MPP, said families will remain alone in their struggle for answers from nursing homes and the institutions that are supposed to oversee them.

“Most families,” said Dr. Young, “don’t have the time or resources to contact the coroner’s office, the police or the facility itself when something happens to a family member in long-term care. Our experience is an example of how very difficult it is to get answers or even information.”

The Young brothers have the bureaucratic and medical expertise to seek answers. And yet, they’ve been fighting for four years to find out how their mother — who could not move on her own — ended up with two identical fractures in each thigh bone at the Chartwell Waterford Long-Term Care Residence, when no one in the home reported an injury or a cry of painNearly 6,300 cars have been stolen in Toronto this year.

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