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Ceiling brand: modern integrated ceiling

netizens' self narration:

the total area of my kitchen and bathroom is less than 7 square meters. I chose the package of 8 square meters, with a total price of nearly 2K, which is also more affordable among several ceiling manufacturers. The kitchen is very smooth. Ordinary ceiling is enough. A little water pipe exposed can be completely ignored. It doesn't matter the pattern:

kitchen ceiling, do you feel very extended?:)

focus on the ceiling of the bathroom. As for the decoration of the old house, many students may encounter the same situation as my family, that is, there are many old pipes in the bathroom, which are relatively thick, which is a headache. In addition, the height of my house is not high, and the ceiling in the bathroom is very difficult to do. I have consulted the foreman and asked the manufacturer's measurement master to make suggestions. The foreman said it could be shaped, but the manufacturer suggested that ordinary ceiling should be made directly. The reason is that the area of my bathroom is too small, so it is not cost-effective to make shaped ceiling, and it has no effect. As early decorators, we are very inexperienced. We just know the concept of heteromorphism, but we can't imagine the effect of real heteromorphism after it is finished, so we followed the manufacturer's advice

troublesome old pipes:

until the day of installation, the installer took them according to the materials of ordinary ceiling. But my heart never gave up the idea of irregular ceiling. I don't like the vertical distance between the top surface of the ceiling and the ground, which is only 2.1 meters, which will give people a very depressing feeling. After getting the materials, I asked the master to compare the actual effect of the special-shaped ceiling. After having the concept, I still decided to make heteromorphism. But the installer was not happy. He said that there was no special-shaped material, and it took a lot of time to make a special-shaped material. He said that in the time of making a special-shaped material, they could make several ordinary &hellip& hellip; I had to contact their manager for a long time. Fortunately, their factory address was very close to my home. The manager originally planned to come and pull the installer, so he asked him to bring materials along, and then pay an extra manual fee

irregular ceiling of bathroom:

there is another pity about the ceiling of bathroom, which is that although it has ventilation function, it cannot be used. In the middle of the day of installation, I went out temporarily. The result is that during this period, the installer made a special shape. After I came back, I told me that I couldn't breathe because there was no wall hole. I was very angry and blamed them for not telling us in advance that they needed to punch holes in the wall, and why they didn't call me to discuss what to do when they saw that there were no holes in the wall, but they were good at making suggestions and directly made heteromorphism. Considering that if you rework, you have to punch holes, and the special-shaped ones have to be removed and redone. Fortunately, the bathroom is Mingwei, so let's breathe by the window in the future




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