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Sunshine room knowledge:

1. Material selection: the rules and model selection of steel structure materials should fully consider the location, height from the ground, orientation and other factors of the sunshine room. According to the bearing capacity

2, wind pressure resistance and natural rust of steel structure in the long-term use process

3. Select steel that meets the strength requirements

4. Steel structure processing: according to the stress condition of the material

5. Ensure that the welding (connection) is firm

6. Anti rust treatment: see surface treatment of steel structure of sunshine room for details

sunshine room features:

1 Compact and generous structure, good stability, using advanced European and American technology, using automotive grade sealant

2. The shapes are diverse, and can be designed and combined into various shapes at will, so that people can change the general space utilization into a fashionable and leisure "sunshine room" at home. Adopt advanced European and American technology, and select automobile grade sealant strip

3. The top of the sunshine room is equipped with special safety laminated glass and a unique hidden drainage structure. In order to prevent too strong light, the sunshine room can also be equipped with more humanized facilities such as sunshades and skylights to adjust room temperature

4. The electric sunroof opens when it is powered on. In case of wind or rain, the sunroof will close automatically

5. Glass of sunshine room: the top material of sunshine room is generally tempered glass, including single-layer tempered glass, hollow tempered glass and tempered laminated safety glass. Generally speaking, in addition to meeting the impact of wind pressure, hail, etc., the glass on the roof of the sunlight room should also take into account the impact of falling objects from high altitude of surrounding buildings

6. In order to create a comfortable environment, natural wind should be fully used in the design of sunshine room to achieve the purpose of air circulation and cooling. Therefore, the position and opening mode of aluminum alloy doors and windows need to be carefully designed

7. In order to improve the ventilation, heat insulation, noise and other performance of the sunshine room, open a skylight on the top of the sunshine room. There are two ways: manual and automatic. The full-automatic sunroof can be equipped with weather sensing and sun tracking system. The opening of the skylight is automatically controlled according to the climatic conditions and the indoor temperature




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