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If we say that in the second half of last year, light luxury furniture was still an undercurrent in the market, in March this year, light luxury furniture has become a surging market torrent, and even the most insensitive eyes can find light luxury furniture everywhere. Although furniture exhibitions usually have functional divisions, and Chinese, modern, European and American museums seem to have a clear distinction, this year's furniture exhibitions, whether European and American furniture, Chinese furniture, or modern furniture, are flaunting light luxury. Do you feel that you seem to fall behind without talking about extravagance. Light luxury furniture has become a torrent of the market! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

the growth of the middle class and the popularity of light luxury lifestyle

analysts can always find the reasons for the popularity of light luxury, such as the growth of the middle class in China at present. Yes, generally speaking, the middle class generally do not deliberately buy luxury goods to flaunt themselves, because there is no need. The criteria they judge are who has higher cognition and whose pattern is larger; However, the middle class will definitely not choose products without personality, texture and culture, because the general concept of mass is exactly what they want to get rid of. Due to the long-term benign development of China's economic process, a large number of newly rich people are the dominant representatives of the middle class. Therefore, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet, they believe that the lifestyle and consumption mode advocated by the middle class reflect an overall feature: light luxury

the same is true in the furniture industry. Only brands with personality, a sense of design, environmental protection and health, and a deep brand concept can meet the needs of the middle class. Moreover, it must be cost-effective. In the past, there have been imported furniture occupying the high-end market stage, ultra cheap products rapidly expanding the market stage, bulky and bulky solid wood trend known for "texture", and so on. However, nowadays, small American style, new Chinese style, light Chinese style and Nordic natural style are indeed popular. These furniture all appear in flexible design and natural and comfortable versatile style, which provides space for cost performance in the basic materials of products

it can be said that people no longer pay attention to the large furniture with hot gold and silver, and they are not willing to go home to feel the depression brought by that deep dark color, and they are not willing to watch the furniture in front of them may release harmful gases, which has led to the popularity of "light luxury"

Italian luxury plays a leading role, and the cultural added value of products needs to be improved

nowadays, whether rich "local tyrants", moneyless "ground beetle" or idle and moneyless "hanging silk" all "like" luxury light, although this is the case, the author does not think that luxury light is bound to succeed

from the perspective of style, the current light luxury is mainly Italian light luxury. According to the author's understanding, Bentley is first-hand, and no less than 30 enterprises in the industry will imitate it. Why, because it is beautiful, Italy is the birthplace of global luxury goods. In addition, there are some American light luxury, French light luxury, Chinese light luxury and modern light luxury, which basically increase the texture by adding metal and leather, and achieve the effect of simplicity and beauty through modeling, The cultural added value of products is not enough. Strictly speaking, the core value of furniture lies in cultural addition, not the material of design aesthetics. Only the cultural atmosphere displayed through utensils, nourishing the body and mind, is the high realm of furniture. Because furniture often accompanies people for a long time, which is obvious to all. At present, the addition of furniture culture is limited to the increase or decrease of some symbols and patterns, and cannot be invisibly immersed into the bones of great form Is beyond shape. A designer said that products that truly reflect Chinese culture are high-level products without symbols at all. Ming style furniture rarely uses hollowed out carvings, etc. simple lines can outline the soul of culture. At this point, using extremely simple lines to show profound cultural concepts is a good expression of "light luxury" products. The cultural expression of furniture is not achieved overnight

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