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Amber won the 2010 British composite materials hs&e award

amber composites announced that the company had won the 2010 British composite materials health, safety and environment (HSE) award. After several years of comprehensive transformation, during the year of strong income growth, amber reduced waste by 40% in total, and the amount of waste recycling increased from 35% to more than 90%

"waste reduction is very important to us. Through close cooperation with suppliers, we also hope to further improve the technical capacity of the industrial chain through industrial technology exchange, efficient mo2.74 production methods, and redesign our packaging. We have reduced the impact on the environment," said Claire Wright, quality manager of amber, who is expensive. "We are very grateful to composites UK for its recognition of our efforts."

composites UK acknowledges our company's investment in the effectiveness of HS & E projects and the new measures they have implemented in their own organizations

about Amber composites: Amber composites is a manufacturer of high-performance and light structural composites. Amber provides materials and expertise for various industries, including racing, automotive, aerospace, communications, marine and wind power industries. The company has passed iso- 9001 and iso- 14001 certification

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