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AMD: it has spared no effort to increase the production of graphics cards, but it is difficult to ensure that a healthy ecological video memory has been established. Due to the impact of mining, the graphics card market in the past year can be said to be a chicken feather in one place, with out of stock everywhere and high prices, making ordinary consumers miserable

gp1 once the project is successfully implemented, the U and graphics card manufacturers can certainly choose to increase production to meet the demand and earn more profits. However, the key is that the demand for mining with local materials is not stable, and it may collapse at some time, which will inevitably lead to serious inventory. Figure 3:haydale's ongoing project 1 is to solve the lightning problem, and the consequences are unimaginable

during the QA session of AMD's quarterly financial meeting, an analyst raised this problem with AMD and wanted to know how to solve it

amd said that it is making every effort to improve the GPU production capacity, but at present, GPU production is not a problem. The OEM (TSMC) is in full operation, but the shortage is video memory, which is the case in the whole industry, whether gddr5 or HBM

amd said that it would continue to cooperate with video memory suppliers to solve this problem, which must be one of AMD's priorities in 2018

this statement is consistent with the previous market news. The video memory has been in shortage for a long time, and even led to the price increase of many AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to varying degrees

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