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Amcor packaging giant launched smooth non ribbed PowerFlex pet hot filling bottle

the emergence of a new plastic filling technology enables many companies to package hot filling products in plastic containers with smooth side walls instead of traditional plastic containers with ribbed side walls

according to the manufacturer of the new type (PET) container developed by Amcor, the plastic bottle used for hot filling in the past needs to have unsmooth ribs on the container wall with buzzing current sound on the side, so as to absorb the side wall deformation when the beverage is cooled to room temperature.

according to Amcor, the PowerFlex bottle can be operated on the existing glass filling line without modification or only slight modification

a major trend in the beverage packaging industry is to replace glass bottles with PET containers. According to AMI research, the market for standard beverage bottle caps will grow by 6.2% annually until 2009. At the same time, due to the development of sports drinks, the customized beverage bottle cap market will grow by about 12%

last year, about 158billion plastic bottle caps were produced in the Western European market, accounting for about 40% of all bottle caps. 66% of these plastic bottle caps are used for beverages

amcor said that this week, Tradewinds tea company will become the first company to use Amcor's power to flex PET bottles in the R & D process

"PowerFlex is the first real non ribbed hot filling PET bottle. It has the same aesthetic feeling, performance and feeling as glass - long expected by beverage markets such as Tradewinds," Amcor said

amcor designed a special base that can absorb the space generated by the cooling liquid, and developed the PowerFlex bottle. The diaphragm at the base is pulled upward as the liquid cools. When the space appears, the inverted cone-shaped diaphragm deflects upward to absorb any deformation that may affect the bottle wall

christy lichtendahl, marketing manager of Tradewinds, said that the company was reluctant to pack 16 ounces of RTD (ready to drink) in PET bottles. "We have been waiting for the arrival of a PET bottle that can maintain the same appearance and feel as our existing glass bottles with the overall performance of an experimental machine equivalent to the international advanced product technology level," she said

tradewinds brews its own tea in its specially designed kettle, and then fills the tea between 180f and 185f into the bottle

the company previously used a glass bottle that is very similar to a beer bottle

"as far as PET bottles are concerned, we have several design purposes," lichtendahl said. "It is important for us to copy our Tradewinds logo on the neck of the bottle. And the bottle needs a smooth panel so that we can use our existing pressure sensitive labels."

Lichtendahl said that the company can simultaneously use the pressure sensitive label on the bottle body and the shrink mark on the neck on the existing equipment without any modification. In order to change the filling part, the company changed a set of changing parts and added a second capping machine that can adapt to the new PET bottle cap

amcor PET packaging has about 80 sites in 21 countries, including factories in the UK. Amcor's head office is based in Australia

information source: China packaging

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