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The aluminum-plastic composite plate has a great potential to replace the glass curtain wall.

the aluminum-plastic composite plate (also known as the aluminum-plastic plate) is made of aluminum alloy sheet as the surface layer and polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride plastic as the core layer or bottom layer. It has aluminum plastic aluminum three-layer plate or aluminum plastic double-layer composite plate and other varieties. The thickness is generally 3mm, 4m, 6mm or 8mm

the aluminum plate on the surface of this kind of plate is anodized and colored with bright color. Due to the composite structure, it has the advantages of both metal materials and plastics. The main self-locking worm gear structure is characterized by light weight, firmness and durability, which is stronger than the aluminum alloy sheet. One is the impact resistance and dent resistance of the surface Rockwell hardness test; It can be bent freely without rebound after bending, so it is convenient to form. When bending along the arc surface substrate, there is no need for special fixation, which is an emergency measure that can not be taken to curb the growing building fire. It can be well attached to the substrate, which is easy to paste and fix; Due to the surface treatment such as anodizing, coloring and coating, it not only has good decoration, but also has strong weather resistance; It can be sawed, riveted, planed (side), drilled, cold bent, cold folded, etc. it is easy to process, assemble, repair and maintain

aluminum plastic plate is a new type of metal plastic composite plate, which is more and more widely used in exterior curtain wall, interior and exterior wall surface, column surface and top surface finishing of buildings. In order to protect its surface from being scratched during transportation and construction, the surface of aluminum-plastic plate is pasted with protective film, which can be removed after construction

due to the advantages of light weight, high strength, sound insulation, weather resistance, waterproof, fireproof, easy installation, beautiful and luxurious, the market share of aluminum-plastic panels has expanded rapidly, which is likely to replace the glass curtain wall

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