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Aluminum plastic reinforced composite cloth

aluminum plastic reinforced composite cloth

packaging industry standard of the people's Republic of China


aluminum plastic reinforced composite cloth

pull the black knob release and implementation

China National Packaging Corporation release

this standard is proposed by China National Packaging Corporation

this standard is under the jurisdiction of the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee

all are high-quality desalting products. The units responsible for drafting this standard are: Mechanical Science Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry and Changzhou Sinochem Qinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd

the main drafters of this standard: Cheng tiexing, lixuelong, WuGuoqing, Huang Xue, zhangzhengfu


this standard specifies the product classification of aluminum-plastic composite cloth (hereinafter referred to as cloth) composed of plastic film, plastic woven cloth and aluminum, which affects the use of materials (2) cutting and sampling time, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marks, packaging, transportation and storage, etc

this standard is applicable to the manufacturing, use, circulation, supervision and inspection of aluminum-plastic composite cloth products

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