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The United States plans to attract purchasing power with new wine packaging

in the face of the global oversupply of wine, the wine industry is thinking about the convenience of consumers and using new packaging to attract customers, especially some wine production companies in the United States. In order to attract the younger generation of customers, these wine producers are preparing to change their elite image and launch wines with simple but interesting packaging

the new wine products will be packaged in small packages to facilitate carrying. Considering that more than 60% of American families do not have cork drivers, the current wine packaging in the American market has already met the basic requirements for fillers. Now, there are rotating bottle caps and small bottles. Some businesses try to use aluminum cans for packaging. The wine bottle is pasted with a vigorous wine label. Young consumers do not pay much attention to the year and variety of wine, so the description of the wine label tends to be simplified. For example, jakesfault only indicates Shiraz on the wine label, and virgin company only indicates Chardonnay and Shiraz

10 dollars a bottle of wine is considered to be the most suitable for young consumers who are price sensitive. They want to buy things of value and do not want to buy bargains themselves

wine box packaging, which has been popular for decades, has also been reformed. The new generation of winemakers usually pack the award-winning top wines in bags and then boxes. The plastic bag is attached with a switch like a faucet, which can let the wine flow out without allowing air to enter, so as not to detract from the flavor of the wine. This kind of boxed wine can be stored for more than a month after opening, which is very convenient for people who drink a cup occasionally. Unlike bottled wine, it can only be stored for a few days after opening. Currently, boxed wine accounts for about 15-20% of the high-precision sales of wine in the United States

greispe of the American Wine Market Association and the civil sector said: "wine packaging is undergoing a revolution, and we will see more innovative products. Now the global wine supply far exceeds the demand, which will enable marketing personnel to give full play to their best ideas"

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