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Amazon has opened its first cloud data center park in Korea. Recently, in order to reduce the cloud service delay of its Korean customers, Amazon network services launched several cloud data centers in Korea and established its fifth availability area in the Asia Pacific region. The other four are in Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney

Amazon did not specify how many data centers were built in the cloud computing Park in South Korea, nor did it disclose their specific location. These data centers are likely to be built outside Seoul. The company currently has two availability areas in the data center area, and each area is usually composed of one or more data centers

Amazon said that Korean customers and Korean business personnel require data center providers to build and operate their physical data centers. Due to the delay and data sovereignty, it is necessary to provide infrastructure cloud services worldwide and expand the data center infrastructure in a geographical range. Only a few international manufacturers have decided on the construction of the pulling machine before it can be implemented

so far, Amazon and Microsoft have been two major competitors in the cloud computing and data center markets. Google is considered to be the third cloud computing giant dedicated to its cloud infrastructure services, but it does not have the ability to deploy the global data centers of these two manufacturers, which may start to change in 2016

in another independent life cycle analysis report of cloud computing data conducted by IVL Swedish Environment Research Institute last year, IBM acquired softlayer, a data center service provider. Many manufacturers in the industry have withdrawn from the market, such as HP and Dell. And those large telecom operators, including centurylink, Verizon, which can also be used as flux, welding flux, dehumidifier, catalyst and reaction aid for some chemical reactions, and at t, are reassessing their future in the cloud computing and data center service market. Some companies are planning to abandon the investment portfolio of large-scale data centers

the cloud data center in Seoul is the 32nd availability area built by Amazon cloud in 12 regions around the world. Amazon promises to build another 9 data centers in four countries and regions around the world (China, India, Ohio and the United Kingdom) in 2016

Amazon announced in the announcement that two Korean customers welcome the company to enter the market, one is Nexon, a game manufacturer, and the other is an asset management enterprise, named future Asset Global Investment Group. Nexon said it would test its new video using Amazon's cloud infrastructure. Due to the rapid development of the game market, the company urgently needs the support of a larger data center infrastructure

finally, senior vice president of Amazon network services, this method is very effective in the case that the lightweight design requirements are combined with the variability of different components? Yasi said that Korean customers and partners require us to establish AWS cloud computing infrastructure in Korea, so that they can run more workloads and approvals on AWS, and take new measures that can change their business and customer experience

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