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Amadeus: Omni channel strategy to create differentiated advantages under the new normal Author: Brian Chien, Amadeus co director of tourism in Greater China and managing director of China

affected by the COVID-19, the pace of digital transformation of global enterprises has accelerated, and many offline activities have also shifted their main positions to online. In this context, it is becoming more and more important and urgent to improve customer experience through comprehensive methods

according to statista's prediction, the number of global connected devices will reach 50billion in 2020. Digitalization, as a way to search, purchase and provide customer service, is becoming more and more important. In this context, those enterprises that can reach customers efficiently will seize the opportunity in the competition. In other words, enterprises that adopt Omni channel strategy are expected to become the final winners in the market. However, Amadeus' research shows that at present, the development of Omni channel is not the current construction focus of tourism enterprises. Only 20% of the surveyed enterprises include the development of Omni channel in their next five-year plans. In the Asian market, the proportion is even lower, only 7%

under the influence of the epidemic, travelers' behavior and expectations of tourism companies have changed. In the short term, the way they travel and purchase services has also undergone great changes. Amadeus' research results show that more than 60% of consumers have changed their devices during the purchase process. From browsing to booking to paying for accommodation, the whole process will last an average of 36 days, and up to 45 touch points including different devices and stations will be involved

the omni channel strategy will help tourism companies respond to the current trend of super Internet and meet the evolving needs of tourists. In the post epidemic stage, if you want to restore travelers' travel confidence and enable them to set foot on the journey again with peace of mind and efficiency, the travel company must provide them with a convenient and seamless experience at all travel nodes. This is generally clear by looking at the equipment manual; The omni channel strategy based on the reputation and reputation of this brand will become an inevitable choice for tourism companies

tourism companies will play a key role in restoring tourists' travel confidence by providing customized customer services and creating a truly unique travel experience. In order to help tourism companies achieve this goal and create real Omni channel services under the new normal of tourism, we have extracted four insights from Amadeus' latest research report Omni channel strategy to create differentiated advantages under the new normal for reference

1. Travelers' rapidly changing behaviors and expectations

the world we live in is highly interconnected, and the global epidemic has further accelerated the process of digital transformation. The world interconnection is no longer an unreachable fantasy. Domestic enterprises and customers have made great progress in improving production efficiency, product quality and technical service awareness, showing their vitality. Consumers are also in a more complex ecosystem composed of connected devices

in this new and more closely connected world, electronic equipment has become the dominant factor, and travelers also put forward higher requirements for travel and services. Under the influence of the epidemic, safety, health and hygiene issues have become the primary issues throughout all stages of the journey. Regardless of the channel, travelers want to easily and in real time obtain consistent information

for tourism companies, there are great business opportunities brewing behind this. Each device, screen and contact will become an opportunity to establish contact with travelers and provide excellent customer experience. Adopting the omni channel strategy will help tourism companies quickly respond to the current trend of super Internet, meet the needs of tourists and create a seamless experience

2. Omni channel strategy is the key to responding to passenger demand

the outbreak of this epidemic also highlights the necessity of providing Omni channel customer service. 1. Pay attention to the on-off sequence;. With the support of Omni channel customer service, tourism companies can make multi-point exchanges with customers. 1. Mechanical spring tension and compression testing machines interact with each other, and provide consistent services across any channel

under the guidance of Omni channel strategy, tourism companies are expected to optimize their internal customer service centers and improve the efficiency of consulting services in the changing epidemic period. After integrating various channels, passengers can first contact the travel company through chat robots or social media, and then turn to the inquiry after encountering difficulties

under the layout of Omni channel strategy, customer service representatives can also integrate all relevant information of customers, better understand their preferences and needs, so as to respond more quickly and efficiently and avoid customer dissatisfaction caused by disconnected communication and repeated information

the prevailing health testing and social distance undoubtedly make the situation of tourism more complicated. In this context, travelers prefer to enjoy a seamless experience throughout their journey. If the travel company can remove relevant obstacles from the first step of travel - booking, it will no longer be out of reach to rebuild travelers' travel confidence

3. With the help of the omni channel strategy, consumers' desire to travel is fully stimulated.

in the digital and omni channel environment, the starting point of the travel experience starts from the stage of enlightening travel long before booking services and starting the journey. In other words, travel companies should carefully design all the ways of digital interaction, such as digital advertising. This enlightening process before the journey is more important than bringing consumers a good journey experience

in Omni channel marketing, if you want to meet or even exceed the expectations of consumers, travel companies need to think about travel scenarios, even if the target customers do not have corresponding travel plans. Advertising can come in handy at this time to deliver the right message to the right traveler or travel company

4. Omni channel strategy means more choices

to some extent, excellent personalized services mean that travelers have more diversified choices. In other words, travelers can obtain diversified tourism content from all channels and independently decide when, where and how to purchase tourism services

at present, the epidemic situation has not improved in the world, and there are still various uncertainties in travel, so the service during the journey has become unprecedented important. Travelers expect that the travel company they choose can calmly respond to emergencies and provide excellent emergency services. This means that in addition to giving passengers the ability to search for content and Book services, travel companies also need to ensure that they can provide excellent customer service for passengers no matter what content or booking channel

tourism companies should show passengers all options, such as various travel modes including aviation. By displaying these contents on multiple channels and contact points, passengers can freely choose the booking method. Whether using self-service booking tools, tablets, travel agency stations, offline business points, or chat robots, travel agencies can provide a consistent purchase experience - providing consistent content and services, Diversified independent choices -- this is the charm of Omni channel strategy

although the omni channel strategy has been discussed in the industry for many years, there is still much room for improvement. In response to the plight of the epidemic, many tourism enterprises continue to explore ways to revitalize the industry, and omni channel is obviously a strategy beneficial to both tourism supply and demand

while the sudden epidemic has brought great impact to the tourism industry, it has also brought more opportunities. In the future, we are expected to see more diversified tourism modes, richer destination choices, and more yuan of passenger demand. If tourism companies want to stand out, they must constantly update their products and services

the omni channel strategy will help tourism enterprises create a unified and seamless travel experience expected by tourists, and remain invincible in the rapidly changing digital world


about the Research Report

Omni channel strategy to create differentiated advantages under the new normal is the second report in Amadeus' new era of travel series. The survey results are based on desk research, interviews, surveys and special group discussions for travel companies and travelers before and during the epidemic

in this series of reports, Amadeus has studied key investment areas that can help tourism service companies embark on the road of recovery. Each report has different themes, summarizes the views and experiences of tourism companies and travelers around the world, and introduces important strategic areas that tourism companies need to pay attention to in the new form of the epidemic

amadeus is committed to providing support to customers at special times in the industry. The series of reports "entering a new era of travel" is a perfect reflection of this commitment

to download this research report or view the series of reports "entering a new era of travel", you can visit Amadeus for more information

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