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Experiments conducted by Amazon universal materials experimental performance include: stretching, tightening, zigzag, shearing, adhesive force, spalling, etc., indicating that renewable energy will be 100% used in cloud computing in the future.

according to foreign media reports, in the past few years, apple, Google and F can be locally amplified at any section of the experimental curve. Acebook and other technology companies have made it clear that they will gradually adopt renewable energy in their data centers, But Amazon seems to be an exception. Although Greenpeace gave a very low evaluation on Amazon's renewable energy use in a report released in April this year, the latter did not give in

however, this situation has changed recently. Amazon recently said on its official website that its cloud computing Department (i.e. Amazon Web services) promised to gradually adopt renewable energy in the global infrastructure, and its future goal is to achieve 100% adoption of renewable energy

at present, Amazon is the world's largest cloud computing company, providing cloud computing related services to developers and enterprise users around the world. Many popular sites and services, including Netflix, spotify and pinterest, have adopted Amazon's cloud computing services. Therefore, if Amazon starts to be open to renewable energy, it is likely to have a significant positive impact on the carbon emissions of the technology industry

however, it should be noted that although Yama plasticomp has a single particle mixed long glass and carbon fiber composite material, like other companies, it has made a commitment to 100% use renewable energy in the future, it may also take many years to complete the transition. Take Facebook as an example. In 2012, Facebook also predicted that in the future, we would increase the use of non renewable energy during the installation of universal experimental machine fixtures, even if it also increased the use of renewable energy. In addition, Facebook also estimated that by 2015, renewable energy would account for only 25% of the total energy consumed

in response to the commitment made by Amazon, Gary cook, it analyst of Greenpeace, pointed out that although Amazon has put forward its own goal of using renewable energy, it has not released a specific road map and plans to close facilities using non renewable energy, so it is difficult for him to judge whether Amazon attaches importance to the use of renewable energy

however, Cook said that Amazon's commitment is a rare progress. With the participation of Amazon, the world's largest cloud computing service provider, he said that the renewable energy support camp, which already includes apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies, has expanded again, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of this green energy network. Greenpeace has often criticized Amazon for failing to keep up with Google and other companies in the use of renewable energy, but Amazon has not said anything about it

according to cook, Amazon currently operates a large-scale data center in Virginia. Most of its power is supplied by nuclear energy, natural gas and coal. Amazon's so-called "100% renewable energy" grand plan will be promoted from the Oregon data center built in 2011. However, in Cook's view, given that Amazon has not announced specific energy use plans, it seems that Amazon needs to improve the transparency of energy use

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