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Amazon tests artificial intelligence cloud services to compete with Google, Microsoft, etc. on June 1, Amazon is testing a new service to help companies that rent Amazon computers run artificial intelligence software more easily. According to sources, Amazon's move is to compete with Google, Microsoft and IBM

last year, Amazon cloud services (AWS) launched a limited service in the field of artificial intelligence. This new service allows enterprises to run a wider range of artificial intelligence software on Amazon computers, and then enhance the ability of applications to complete work tasks, such as pattern recognition and voice transcription. It is reported that some customers are also testing the new artificial intelligence service of AWS. However, since the service has not been officially announced, Amazon declined to disclose specific customer information

for Amazon, this is a rare phenomenon, because they have been in a leading position in the public cloud computing field (renting computers and storing plastic bottles on the Internet have won more market orders and related services for them), but this time it seems that their identity has become a chaser. In March this year, Google expanded the scope of cloud services by focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In fact, this Internet giant has applied machine learning technology within the company for many years. IBM, Microsoft, and startups including clarifai and metamind have built similar services (metamind has been acquired by salesforce)

according to an Amazon spokesman, the company is developing other machine learning capabilities for its cloud service customers

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other technology giants have begun to release proprietary program software. With these frameworks, developers can create and control neural networks (a powerful universal form of artificial intelligence) to help computers learn data with the same intuition as humans

Amazon's new service allows enterprises to run different types of frameworks on their computers, even including the machine learning framework developed by Google (at this time, the tensor flow open source model launched last year is available without the dynamometer contacting the upper platen). The service will use Amazon's new rentable computer, which is configured with 8 NVIDIA graphics processors (currently, Amazon's computer is configured with four graphics processors). At present, GPU is a widely used artificial intelligence program processor. The greater the number of GPUs, the faster Amazon will be able to run AI software and process relevant data on high molecular materials for thermoplastic elastomers

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