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Alwan printing management system helps print enterprises to standardize production. Lyon print can now provide standardized production without investing in new offset presses. Thanks to the special color technology of Alwan company, the company has always been a standardization enterprise leading the image processing industry. Alwan has opened its printing standardization technology management software to the popular automatic scanning technology. Large printing enterprises including Intelli Trax of X-Rite, the second control system (DCS II) of Komori and the image control technology of Heidelberg have applied this software, and these technologies effectively ensure that the applied printing machines comply with the international standardization system

in fact, it is very simple to implement Alwan printing standard software management system. You only need to spend a few hours to ensure that every work complies with standardized management. Generally, enterprises using this system can get their corresponding ROI (return on investment) in less than 6 months

elie Khoury, CEO and founder of Alwan, said: it is very new to people in the period of cost awareness, because you do not need to invest in an expensive printing machine to enhance the configuration strength of the enterprise and the quality of products. Equipment supplies. Alwan's principle is to help printers obtain greater value from their existing equipment in the printing market. The printing standard software can give offset printing unparalleled stability, ensure that the machine can work with the maximum production capacity, and achieve the results of international standardization, such as iso12647 standard

alwan printing standard software now includes how to use the printing points of dynamic printing calibration (DPC) to stabilize the most difficult variables, so as to ensure excellent color stability. How to improve the color printing stability has always been an old problem in the printing industry. However, this old problem has become a thing of the past under Alwan's DPC technology. DPC can realize automatic point gain technology. The point gain compensation is realized by adjusting the characteristic curve of the final output film. In order to improve the product quality and shorten the product life, the point gain must be found, measured, adjusted, monitored and controlled in time. This solution combines dynamic and paper gain for each track point, and automatically compensates for drift in 1 day or so for inspection and detection over a long period of time, ensuring that production is always maintained at a given specification

Jinan Shijin powerful data analysis statistics and curve graph analysis auxiliary tool

after drawing the characteristic curve according to the test results, the curve will show the increase in the percentage of point gain from film to print. In order to independently evaluate each separation variable, we draw a curve printing market for each variable. Point gain technology can accurately correct the drawn curve, automatically calculate the output file or make plate directly, and greatly reduce the consumption of paper and ink. In the process of printing correction, the software can also automatically send an alarm to the wrong place. The impact of this solution is huge, and it can increase printing productivity and profits by an average of 15%

Le Figaro, with a daily circulation of about 480000, is one of the major national newspapers in France. Andr menet, the printing equipment director of the newspaper, has always supported Alwan's goal of standardization. He said: ten years ago, alwanh Data backup: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition. The company suggests that we keep our existing printing machines when we are planning to buy more modern machines. We accepted their suggestions, installed Alwan's documents, adopted Printing Standardization solutions and process management tools. Since then, our printing has not received any negative impact, and the weekly printing volume is millions of copies

andr menet continued: after using Alwan's solution, we have never encountered any quality problems or delays, the waste of paper and ink has been minimized, and our return on investment has decreased very quickly. Today, Alwan is still a reliable partner

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