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Amazon also wants to promote mobile payment services

Amazon said that it is ready to use Amazon's huge user base to develop payment services outside the Amazon platform

Amazon announced this week that it will launch the pay with Amazon button for mobile applications. At the same time, it will expand the popularity of pay with Amazon services on the desktop in Japan and other overseas markets. The condition for this "crazy network" is that billions of sensors are used as the necessary basic equipment. Previously, Amazon has repeatedly tried to use more than 200million users to provide payment processing services for third-party stations

earlier this year, Amazon hired Patrick Gauthier, a senior executive of PayPal, to take charge of the newly established team to develop page and application-oriented payment services. Amazon's move has received close attention in the industry. Over the years, the industry has been speculating that Amazon will become an important participant in the payment industry and even challenge PayPal

however, the business of Amazon has not developed smoothly. Earlier this year, Amazon's digital wallet project was abandoned before the end of testing. The development of Amazon's payment business faces a constant problem: Amazon sells all kinds of goods independently, so how many stores will be willing to cooperate with Amazon's payment service to make Amazon understand its own transactions

Amazon denies that this is a problem. Last year, Amazon said that there was a clear boundary between the off platform payment business and other businesses of the company, and Amazon could only know the total transaction amount, rather than see the transaction content of each order. Amazon also said that there are many types of e-commerce transactions that do not coincide with Amazon's business. For example, in the United States, the most famous customer of Amazon payment service is gogo, an Internet commercial aircraft provider

as the person in charge of Amazon's off platform payment service, Gordil this week conducted mechanical performance tests on various brake pads such as automobile brake pads, brake shoes, bus brake pads, brake shoes, brake drums, truck brake pads and brake shoes, and reiterated this statement earlier. He said that the worst label of the Amazon project may be a trust breaker. He also mentioned the development of Amazon's market business. On the Amazon market platform, third-party merchants can sell goods that compete with Amazon, which also shows that Amazon can live in harmony with third-party merchants. At present, this market platform has accounted for 46% of Amazon's commodity sales

gordier also said that the off platform payment service has a reasonable internal structure and has seen preliminary signs of success. He said that the year-on-year growth rate of pay with Amazon reached 180%. However, similar to Amazon's consistent way of doing things, the company did not disclose the revenue base of this business. The launch of the service in countries other than the United States, such as Germany and Japan, has helped

gaudil pointed out that companies that support Amazon payment options are more likely to encourage users to finally complete shopping. Amazon has found that users who put goods into shopping carts complete shopping more frequently than those who do not. In addition, it also brings more repeat purchase users

however, there are still some signs that Amazon's business is facing challenges. For example, golfnow, the original partner of its in app payment and golf course booking service, is not well known. At present, Amazon's payment service has only a few well-known customers, such as all saints, a fashion retailer, and shinola, a bicycle and watch retailer

Amazon's in app payment service does not have the same smooth experience as apple pay. When shopping, the user will jump out of the e-commerce application and confirm the payment information on Amazon mobile station

gaudil said that Amazon's service targets enterprises with annual sales of 1million to 1billion dollars, so many of them are not household brands. He also admitted that this range is very wide, but his goal is very clear: sign contracts with merchants with enough influence, but these merchants are not Amazon's biggest competitors

Amazon's determination to develop its payment business has been reflected again recently: more than 60 employees of Amazon attended the money20/20 payment industry conference held in Las Vegas this week

what people don't really realize or understand about Amazon is that part of Amazon's success formula is to try various ideas you don't know whether you can succeed. He said that if you find that you have found a concept that may be successful, you will try again, for example, the current serious air pollution and white pollution

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