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Siemens further expands its product lineup of safety controllers

simatic s software controller: the world's only software controller that integrates success and safety in observing the escape of gas in the sample, Independent of the windows operating system, the SIMATIC et 200sp open controller and SIMATIC et 2 can effectively and accurately control the dosage of epoxy raw materials before injecting the mixture into the mold. The 00pro distributed controller is used to realize the automation of standard and functional safety in a single device.

the new automatic controller launched by Siemens has expanded the application range of the latest generation of SIMATIC controllers. The introduction of integrated functional safety SIMATIC s software controller and distributed SIMATIC et 200sp open controller has expanded the product range of integrated functional safety controller. SIMATIC et 200pro distributed controller has upgraded its CPU with the latest s technology, which can be used for standard and functional safety automation tasks

Siemens further expands its product lineup of safety controllers

now, SIMATIC s software controllers are equipped with integrated safety functions for the first time. The new CPU 1507s f is the world's only software controller that integrates success and security, and the controller is independent of the windows operating system. In this way, users do not need to be equipped with a special fault control device for functional safety. 2: when the press increases the load test, the tension cannot be lifted up to the brake, which can not only save space and cost, but also reduce engineering costs. The combination of PC based control and high-level language programming makes SIMATIC s software controller especially suitable for the control of special mechanical equipment. Because it runs independently of windows, it can bring high system availability. For example, it helps the controller start quickly; Support windows to update and restart when the controller is running

the distributed SIMATIC et 200sp open controller is also equipped with safety function for the first time. With the powerful new CPU 1515sp PC F, standard and functionally safe automated tasks can now be handled by one device. Its advantages include: reducing engineering, evaluation and service costs, reducing space requirements for control cabinets, and reducing spare parts inventory. The modular SIMATIC et 200sp open controller is especially suitable for the control of mechanical equipment in mass production. It combines many functions of PC based software controller with visualization, windows application and central i/o (input/output) in a compact device

two new controllers using SIMATIC s technology are a good supplement to SIMATIC et 200pro distributed controller. They cooperate with extremely compact, durable and powerful i/o system, reaching ip65/67 protection level, and can be installed directly on the machine. Cpu1516pro-2 PN is based on SIMATIC s technology and will provide standard version and integrated functional security version in mid-2016. The integrated functional security version supports pl e security level

background information:

Siemens can provide appropriate controllers for automation tasks with extremely wide requirements. SIMATIC series controllers that can be flexibly expanded include basic controllers, advanced controllers, distributed controllers and software controllers, all of which have the same functional range. S basic controller is mainly used for compact automation solutions, s advanced controller is for complex tasks, et 200sp distributed controller is suitable for distributed applications, and software controller is mainly for PC based applications

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