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Siemens enterprise communications promotes market growth through SME suite and fully supports Mac OS and Zimbra

ctiforum July 16 (Jiaqi): July 2012 - with the accelerated growth of SME market, customers' demand for seamless enterprise solutions is also increasing. In order to cope with this change, as a global leader in Unified Communications (UC) solutions, Siemens enterprise communications today announced that the design of openscape of fixture is also a difficulty. The fit platform is fully integrated with VMware's Zimbra and Apple's Mac OS operating system until the sample is destroyed. The enhanced openscape office and openscape office application launcher are launched at the same time

these improvements meet the needs of the company's huge user base of 7million small and medium-sized enterprises for deeper integration of groupware and seamless integration with enterprise applications. Moreover, as more and more small and medium-sized enterprises around the world adopt Apple's devices, customers need all-round support for the Mac OS operating system

in addition, the global sales of openscape office increased by 75% this year, closely following the year-on-year growth rate of 67% for small and medium-sized enterprises last year. Openscape office is an integrated UC solution based on IP, and its market performance has been good since it was launched in 2006. The increase in the number of small and medium-sized enterprise customers indicates that more and more small and medium-sized enterprise customers worldwide choose openscape office as UC suite

Paul Lang, senior vice president of global segment management of Siemens enterprise communications, said: the recent sales growth of openscape office shows that Siemens enterprise communications is helping more and more small and medium-sized enterprises simplify enterprise communications, accept mobility and improve efficiency. Our small and medium-sized enterprise customers need flexibility to achieve better performance, improve customer service and maintain low-cost expenditure. These improvements will help SME customers achieve business through smoother communication and closer collaboration

advantages of openscape in Zimbra

the popular Zimbra collaborative server (ZCS) groupware, including e-mail, calendar, contact and other services, adds powerful UC services through openscape office to help small and medium-sized enterprise customers achieve higher productivity. Moreover, the recently realized integration enables small and medium-sized enterprises to run the communication services of all small and medium-sized enterprises with only a single VMware system, which can reduce the investment in infrastructure

Siemens enterprise communications has successfully integrated its openscape office UC client MyPortal with VMware's collaboration component Zimbra, which provides our customers with a strong user experience and improves their productivity, which makes us very excited. Thomas K hlewien, vice president of ceme of VMware, said

openscape Office of Mac operating system

through the enhanced openscape office solution, Siemens enterprise communications customers using Mac operating system can obtain first-class unified communication solutions. This improvement is in line with the growth of the Mac OS operating system. According to gartnrichard northcoteer group, the growth rate of Mac OS operating system in 2010 was 15.8%. The growth rate of shipments of Mac OS operating system is expected to be 4.5% in 2011 and 5.2% in 2012. In addition to supporting the Mac OS operating system, the user interface of openscape office has been greatly improved, which will further improve the user experience. Windows and Mac operating systems as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices can currently use openscape office's UC client MyPortal. Siemens enterprise communications small and medium-sized enterprise customers can immediately obtain all communication services through a flexible user interface, completely independent of the restrictions of devices and places of use

communication driven business process (cebp)

in addition, openscape offic performs necessary cleaning and drying. E also has the ability to expand the integration of it, and improve the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises by effectively integrating enterprise business processes and communication


open directory service (ODS): the effective integration of openscape office and external databases. Through ODS, you can access the contact database, and identify incoming calls through contact names and search contacts other than personal address books

openscape office application launcher: a customer application that supports any third party, such as CRM application, which can improve customer service based on caller ID user information

microsoft office 365 support: openscape office can flexibly connect with Microsoft Office 365 groupware

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