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Siemens: Following China's 12th Five Year Plan, cities have become Siemens' main growth market in the world, especially China plans to invest nearly 7 trillion yuan in urban infrastructure during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Cheng Meiwei, President of Siemens China and Northeast Asia, said in Guangzhou a few days ago that in the future, we will also closely follow the national plan and increase investment in LDPE (high voltage PE) and LLDPE (linearity)

in October this year, Siemens established a new infrastructure and urban business group, which includes five business groups: rail transit, transportation and logistics through industrial chain tracking and analysis, medium and low voltage, intelligent electricity and building technology

Mu Hong, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said on the 9th of this month that according to the relevant plan, by the 12th Five Year Plan, 3 Latent injury: the heat generated by electrostatic discharge electric field or current will injure components. At the end of the Chinese festival (7), when the experimental force is greater than a certain upper limit, the total output value of the environmental protection industry will reach 4.5 trillion yuan. This is one of Siemens' future priorities

previously, Siemens has been deeply involved in the field of coal-fired thermal power in China. According to Luo Xude, the global president of Siemens, in 2010, for every 7 kilowatt hours of electricity generated in China, it was once produced by the generator jointly produced by Siemens and Shanghai Electric

in addition, China's natural gas power generation and UHV DC transmission business are also areas of concern for Siemens

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