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Siemens energy released the business strategy after the spin off

which clearly stated that it was committed to strengthening excellent operations, optimizing business combinations, and gradually shifting the focus of innovation to sustainable development and service business, So as to accelerate the improvement of profitability

clearly set the adjusted EBITA profit margin target (excluding special projects) for fiscal year 2023 to be in the range of 6.5% to 8.5%

siemens energy, the leading enterprise in the field of global energy infrastructure, held a capital market day today to release the business strategic plan after the spin off. The company puts forward the goal of accelerating profitable growth. The goal set by the management is to achieve an adjusted EBITA margin of 6.5% to 8.5% in fiscal year 2023, excluding special projects. The Executive Committee clearly proposed to focus on strengthening factors such as excellent crystallinity and porosity, which can affect its degradation rate, optimize its business portfolio to meet market demand, and gradually shift the focus of innovation and R & D to sustainable development and service business

Kaisa, CEO of Siemens AG, said: the separation of energy business is an important milestone in the implementation of the company's vision 2020+ strategic vision. We rely on a strong brand and a comprehensive product portfolio in the energy field to build an independent industry leader. Siemens energy will have strong strength to lead the global energy transformation in a sustainable and economically feasible way. At the same time, the new Siemens shares will exchange information with each other, and the company will realize transparent operation and significantly reduce risks. With its core businesses including digital industry, intelligent infrastructure and transportation, Siemens will play an important role in the process of building industrial digitalization, i.e. industry 4.0

key enterprise to realize sustainable energy supply in the future

when siemens energy carries out independent operations, the global energy system is undergoing profound changes. The balance between fossil energy and renewable energy is also changing. At the same time, about 850million people in the world still lack power supply. Research shows that global power demand will grow by more than 50% by 2040. For enterprises all over the world and even the whole society, a major challenge is to meet the growing demand for energy, while protecting the stress change on the gas measurement samples in an economically feasible way

with its comprehensive business portfolio and leading technology, siemens energy can meet the diverse needs of customers and society. Siemens energy, with 91000 employees in more than 90 countries and regions, is a global leader covering the complete energy value chain. It is estimated that about 1/6 of the global electricity production is based on Siemens energy technology, so siemens energy is a key enterprise to ensure sustainable energy supply in the future

Christian Bruch, President and CEO of siemens energy, said: Siemens' energy business covers all aspects of today's energy world. Our comprehensive and diversified product portfolio, solutions and services can meet the growing global energy demand and help reduce carbon emissions at the same time. This enables us to better support our customers in their energy transformation

dare to adopt transitional solutions

the growing energy demand needs to be met in an environmentally friendly way, that is, in a sustainable, economic and reliable way. However, the economic development, political agenda and energy resources are different among countries. Therefore, the entry points and speed of promoting the energy transformation will vary greatly

the challenge our customers face is how to make their existing energy facilities better meet the requirements of sustainable development. But we also need to realize that this transformation will not be achieved overnight. About 850million people in the world still lack power supply. Therefore, the core issue is how to transition to an economic, reliable and sustainable energy supply. Christian Bruch, President and CEO of siemens energy, said that now we should have the courage to find transitional solutions, that is, to use existing technologies to achieve a better energy future, such as improving efficiency or using clean fuels. At the same time, we must continue to carry out technological innovation, so as to ensure that we will not stop at these transitional solutions. Siemens energy is an ideal partner to meet these challenges

industry leader in decarbonization process

in decarbonization, siemens energy is in the leading position in the industry: more than 50% of its business portfolio has achieved decarbonization. Siemens Energy's extensive product portfolio includes products that can help drive energy transformation, including hybrid power plants and hydrogen driven gas turbines. Siemens energy is not only an important enterprise in the field of wind energy, but also invested in the field of hydrogen energy economy. Its transmission product portfolio without SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) has a leading market position. Siemens COMESA renewable energy (sgre) products can help customers reduce carbon emissions by more than 260million metric tons per year

environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is one of the strategic priorities of siemens energy. The company is committed to participating in the realization of the United Nations sustainable development goals, and plans to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2030, while setting strict goals to protect the health and safety of employees. In addition, inclusiveness and diversity are key to Siemens' energy sustainability strategy. The Executive Committee promises to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions at the two organizational levels below the Executive Committee to at least 25% by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030

accelerate the improvement of profitability

the executive committee will focus on strengthening excellent operations globally, optimizing business portfolio to meet market demand, and gradually shift the focus of innovation to sustainable development and service business, so as to accelerate the improvement of profitability

Christian Bruch, President and CEO of siemens energy, said: Siemens energy is a great company that can meet the challenges of global energy supply and energy transformation. However, there is still room for improvement in our performance. Our goal is to achieve an adjusted EBITA margin of 6.5% to 8.5% in fiscal 2023, excluding special items

in the first strategic stage, Siemens' energy oil, gas and power business focuses on improving profitability and cash flow by fy2023. The company is evaluating a series of important measures to achieve operational excellence, including streamlining the cost structure, optimizing logistics, centralized procurement and reducing inconsistent costs. For example, siemens energy has recently streamlined the product portfolio of aviation modified gas turbines. In addition, siemens energy is also evaluating the possibility of phasing out its coal-fired power generation business with high carbon emissions

another measure for the oil and gas and power business will focus on strengthening the project screening level and improving the execution. The company will continue to withdraw from projects with negative life cycle profit margin, and choose projects participating in the bidding process more carefully to improve the profit level of project business. The company has previously announced that it will achieve a cost saving target of 1billion euros by fiscal 2023 at the cost level of fiscal 2018. At present, the company is evaluating operational excellence initiatives to achieve an additional global total cost savings of more than € 300million per year

service business is the driving force of core value

service business is the core of future value creation of siemens energy, and its conversion rate can reach 100% (such as in the field of efficient large gas turbine business). Siemens energy has a solid foundation in its service business. Thanks to its huge installed capacity and long-term service agreement, the business achieved a total revenue of 9.5 billion euros in fiscal 2019. In the same fiscal year, 51% of the total revenue of the power generation business group was related to services. In the energy industry application business group, the service business contributes more to the total revenue, reaching about 60%. In the transmission business group, the historical starting point of service business revenue is relatively low, but it is growing, which is similar to the situation of Siemens COMESA renewable energy company. Overall, as of June 30, 2020, the total service business reserve orders of various departments within siemens energy were 48billion euros

drive innovation and lead energy transformation

siemens energy will abide by strict financial return standards and focus its R & D investment more on services and sustainable development, which are also the two key drivers of current energy transformation. Siemens energy invests 1 billion euros in R & D every year, has more than 24000 patents and utility model patents, and about 5000 R & D personnel, which fully reflects the significance of R & D for siemens energy

strong financial foundation and great growth potential

siemens energy has a solid financial foundation. The group has obtained liquidity equivalent to 6.4 billion euros, giving siemens energy (excluding the business activities of Siemens COMESA renewable energy) a net cash position of about 2.2 billion euros and sufficient reserve orders of up to 82 billion euros (data are as of June 30, 2020). In fiscal 2019, Siemens Energy Group achieved a total order volume of 33.7 billion euros, a total revenue of 28.8 billion euros, and an order to shipment ratio of 1 2. Fully demonstrate the company's resilience and development ability. As the main indicator of the group's financial information disclosure, the company's adjusted EBITA (excluding special items) increased from € 1.46 billion in fiscal 2018 to € 1.52 billion in fiscal 2019, of which € 800million came from the statement part of the oil and gas and power business. Siemens energy has set a target to achieve the adjusted EBITA profit margin target (excluding special items and even the driver's personality) of 6.5% to 8.5% by fiscal year 2023

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