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Siemens expands its digital Coriolis mass flow measurement product series to help process optimization

Siemens SITRANS fct030 and fct010 digital converters can now be paired with SITRANS F C mass 2100 and sit1 with aperture range di 1.5~dn 15, especially the conventional electronic universal material experimental machine RANS FC300 series Coriolis mass flow sensors with low energy consumption, Thus, many process optimization advantages of the digital Coriolis flowmeter platform are extended to small flow application fields, such as liquid and gas batching, quantitative feeding and filling. Thanks to the significant improvement of this product line, customers in the chemical and automotive industries will benefit from the market-leading 0.1% mass flow accuracy, 0.5 kg/m3 density accuracy and 100 Hz signal processing, while applications such as beer filling can also ensure the best accuracy

Coriolis flowmeter series has further expanded its product range to cover large-diameter applications commonly used in the oil and gas, marine and chemical industries. SITRANS fcs400 series sensors have been expanded from DN 15 - DN 80 caliber to DN 100 and DN 150, extending their application range from OEM and health industry control loops to land/sea trade handover, ship refueling and large-scale chemical measurement. The FCS experimental machine is mainly used for hydraulic pulse pressure experiments on steel cylinders, pressure vessels, etc. the 400 is a very compact Coriolis mass flow sensor on the market. It has a solid shape and is not affected by process interference. At the same time, it has a large number of customized process interfaces suitable for general standards, health and Namur standard applications

Siemens has also made a lot of improvements to the converter product line in order to achieve better installation flexibility and ease of operation. Fct030 has launched a wall mounted shell, which supports remote transmission configuration, and can be equipped with MODBUS or PROFIBUS dp/pa digital communication, which is the best protocol to realize the rapid exchange of data for polyethylene (PE) pipe gb/t 13663 ⑵ 000 for digital water supply in the process. The full graphical human machine interface (HMI), which originally has an intuitive menu structure and a variety of setting wizards, has also been redesigned, making the menu layout easier to operate. The innovative sensorflash microSD card also has richer functions, providing advanced data storage and audit tracking functions. Each record can store 100 process parameters, diagnostic parameters or equipment setting change information. Operators can analyze the performance of each process and solve any potential problems, so as to optimize the efficiency of the plant and produce better end products

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