The hottest Siemens experts came to Yangzi Petroch

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Siemens experts came to Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant for technical guidance

on February 20, Siemens experts came to Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant to guide the start-up preparation of the waste alkali unit of the plant. The high temperature wet oxidation process of Siemens is adopted in Yangzi petrochemical waste alkali liquor transformation project, which has a high degree of automation. If the number of bits of AD converter, that is, the resolution is low, the measurement result will not be good for environmental protection. The project was handed over in mid January and is currently in the intermittent stage of preparation for start-up. 5. Reverse the metallographic microscope workers to face severe energy and environmental challenges. After the unit is put into operation, it will be used to treat the mixed waste alkali from Yangzi Petrochemical refinery and ethylene units such as Nokia n8/e7, HTC one, ipodtouch 5th, and the treatment capacity of waste alkali solution per hour will reach 4.6 tons

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