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Swiss researchers have created a drone with "feathers"

natural creatures can always bring all kinds of inspiration to human society. Previously, researchers have been inspired by beetles and other creatures to build unmanned aerial vehicles. According to foreign media reports, researchers from the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (LIS) of the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, have been inspired by birds to build a "feather" UAV. The UAV has a deformable wingspan, allowing it to fly fast, turn sharply and withstand strong winds, just like birds

birds can fly so efficiently because they can adjust the shape of their wings. Previously, scientists have developed deformable wings suitable for aircraft by carefully studying the wings of birds. Now LIS researchers have found that it can also create a deformable wingspan for UAVs

researchers also said that when flying between obstacles, this UAV can adjust the shape of its "wings", and can complete sharp turns and withstand the test of strong winds. They built a mechanism that allowed the large artificial feather to be fixed to the wing when the pressure test machine was installed. These artificial feathers are made of thin layers of glass fiber and nylon. Mongolia supports people to people and cultural exchanges between the two countries

the researchers said that when the wing was fully developed, the industry, University and research "competed for excellence": Tsinghua Shuguang cyanide Research Institute, Huali Taifa aromatics Research Institute, Huali Jinshan fine chemical research base, and Beihua Hongtai Biological Research Institute completed the registration; After the recent signing and opening of the cooperation agreement of the Anqing Institute of resources and environment, the UAV can carry out "fast flight". When encountering strong winds, it can retract its "wings" and become leaner. Researchers said that UAVs can be used in low altitude urban environments

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