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Swiss fresh-keeping film must be "matched" for use

recently, another biotechnology optimization process for the production of amino acids in China has also won the win-win innovation award. Public opinion is paying close attention to the safety performance and quality of food fresh-keeping film. Specially interviewed the relevant heads of coop, the small target set by Migros and cuilixin, the two largest supermarket chains in Switzerland, to learn about the local sale of fresh-keeping film

there is no carcinogenic plastic wrap in supermarkets

living in Switzerland, although plastic wrap is often used on weekdays, the chemical composition and quality of plastic wrap have never been noticed. Because in Switzerland, consumers can rest assured that unsafe or substandard plastic wrap will never be on the shelves of stores and supermarkets. Once the stores or supermarkets selling fake and shoddy products are found, they will not only be heavily fined, their business licenses will be revoked, but also it is very possible for the operators to be jailed through the full digital 3-loop control of realization, deformation and displacement

according to the results of the visit, no preservative film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is easy to cause cancer was found. There are mainly two kinds of fresh-keeping films on supermarket shelves. One is polyethylene (PE) as the main component, which is relatively cheap. The outer package clearly indicates that the applicable temperature range is from minus 30 ℃ to 80 ℃. The outer package is also printed with a microwave oven logo with a red mark on it“ ×”, It means that it cannot be used to package food baked in the microwave oven

in addition, 200mm experimental materials with different processing deformation are tested. A kind of fresh-keeping film is made of polypropylene material, and the ambient temperature range when it is used is from minus 30 ℃ to 100 ℃. A microwave oven is also printed on the package, and the note next to it states that this fresh-keeping film can be used to pack food baked in the microwave oven

Swiss preservative films are classified

on the safety of preservative films, Mr. legulet, head of the Consumer Association of the Canton of Geneva, said that PVC was no longer used in Europe to make food preservative films in the 1990s. He said that PVC material itself, as a food packaging material, should be said to be safe, but when heated, it may be dangerous

according to Mr. legulet, in order to ensure the safety of using plastic wrap, Switzerland usually classifies and numbers plastic wrap according to the type of food and the ambient temperature when it is used. The No. 1 plastic wrap with the highest ranking can be used to pack all food, and can also be used to cook and bake food in the microwave oven; Other numbered fresh-keeping films can only be used in accordance with their performance

source: Beijing Morning Post

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